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Europe’s Property Market: 28 Best Cities to Invest

Caz McDonald 01/20/2017

The outlook for Europe’s property market is looking good, in light of the UK’s exit from the European Union. Many UK based businesses are expected to open offices in other European countries in order to continue to have easy access to the Single Market. This development makes the prospect of buying a property in Europe attractive. The problem is how to decide which European city to

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Is your Privacy at Home Really Protected?

Caz McDonald 01/18/2017

Modern society means that people must live in close proximity, and in urban areas, privacy can be an issue. A person’s window might be only a few metres from the next door neighbour’s, and this can be annoying, especially in the evening, when the inside of your home is illuminated and much easier to see. Of course, we have curtains and blinds for this very reason, and while they are

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What Needs Updating When Moving Interstate?

John Cole 01/17/2017

The decision to relocate, whether you are moving to a new home or are shifting offices, requires months of planning. The planning not only involves the packing, disposal and sale of items that you wish to take, donate or make some money out of, but also involves the task of updating your address for billing purposes.

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