11 Tips To Make Your Flat More Luxurious

By : europeanproperty

If you’ve been looking for ways to turn your everyday flat into a luxurious apartment, you’ve found the right spot. These tips to make your flat elegant are affordable and easy to implement. Some of them are entirely free, proving that you don’t need to break your budget to get a luxurious apartment.

Go For The Minimalistic Look

To get your luxurious look started for free, look at your belongings and decide what stays and goes. Start small, working on an area of your home that has little sentimentality. Work your way up to bigger projects with the goal of minimizing as you go, so you’re left with a few special things.

Consider moving toward a minimalistic look with a few timeless pieces that upgrade the styling of your space. Rather than adding many small knick-knacks that make your home look cluttered, add statement pieces that add substance and style.

Hit The Thrift Stores

Why buy new when you can find luxurious items for a fraction of the cost at local thrift stores? Unique, vintage items exude luxury. If you love the shape of a piece but not the condition, try painting, staining, or cleaning it so it looks new. You never know what you’re going to find at thrift stores, and you just might find a treasure that would cost hundreds or thousands new.

Lift Your Curtains

If you’ve looked at photos of high-end homes, you’ve probably noticed that they have high ceilings and luxurious window dressings. You can fool the eye and add luxury by installing your curtain rods as high as possible. This little trick makes people think you have high ceilings. Consider your window dressing fabrics and only choose those that ooze luxury.

You also add luxury by adding curtains in unexpected places. Consider adding a curtain behind your sofa, even if you don’t have a window there. The rich fabric adds a high-end backdrop and makes your ceiling look tall.

Add Air Conditioning

Air conditioning was once the ultimate in luxury. If your flat doesn’t have it, you can add a reconditioned PTAC unit to your flat. These affordable wall units cool the spaces you want rather than your entire home. You won’t need to worry about expensive ductwork and energy costs.

Ground Your Apartment With A Rug

After moving your curtains to the top of your walls, you must remember to ground your apartment. Use a statement rug to bring your furniture and accessories together. A beautiful rug brings warmth and texture to your home and ups the luxury factor quite a bit. You can find rugs at all price points, and you might be able to find a used one with a rich, vintage look.

Choose A Neutral Palette

Your color palette can add to or subtract from the luxurious feeling in your home. Neutrals tend to be calming, while bright colors, like red, energize. Choose colors that make you feel good when you enter your home each day. Neutral colors are usually considered timeless, while bright and bold colors can fall out of style quickly.


Use A Variety of Lighting

Your light fixtures can make or break your space. Consider using ambient lighting as the primary source through overhead lights or windows. Then, add task lights where you cook or read. Accent lights can show off a beautiful piece of artwork or a unique area of your home. Use all three with stylish fixtures and shades to upgrade the look of your flat.

Customize For Less

Expensive homes often have unique architectural details like built-ins. You can add the look of customized built-ins by adding bookcases or shelving units in high-end wood tones or antique white. Remember to style them with an eye toward minimalism, using clean lines and a few meaningful items.

Upgrade Fixtures And Hardware

If your flat is looking outdated, a few swaps in your bathroom and kitchen can make a big difference. You can make your kitchen cabinets look new by changing your hardware and upgrading your faucet and spout. Do the same in your bathrooms. Upgrading your light fixtures around your home can also add luxury.

When upgrading hardware and fixtures, consider finishes that look chic, not outdated or cheap. Consider working with an interior designer to find the right finish for the look you want, and let them help you find the best price. Working with a designer can save you money in the long run, as they know where to find top products for low prices.


Mix Up Your Textiles

One of the most affordable tips to make your flat more luxurious is to work with textiles. Consider mixing metals, wood, and fabrics among your room’s features to get a chic and unexpected look. If you love throw pillows, mix the textiles with various fabrics that play off of each other. Don’t be afraid to break some rules and put together items that your mother or grandmother might not have done.

Add Greenery

Flowers and plants immediately calm your space and add luxury. You don’t have to constantly buy fresh flowers to upgrade your area, but a few strategically placed houseplants can instantly boost your flat. Rather than buy a bunch of small plants, buy a few big ones, and let them become focal points of your living spaces. Don’t forget to water and care for them.


You might be tempted to buy faux plants. For a luxurious look, stick with live plants (there are low-maintenance options available if you don’t have a green thumb). Fake flowers and plants become dust catchers and detract from a minimalistic, elegant look. You can upgrade your flat even more by placing an accent light near your plant to draw more attention to it.


When creating a luxurious space in your flat, consider a minimalistic design with meaningful pieces that inspire you. Luxury is about surrounding yourself with things that bring you comfort and joy. You don’t need expensive brand names to upgrade your space.