3 Ways to Maximise Storage in a Small Bedroom

By : Nick Marr

Small may be beautiful but when it comes to bedroom storage, surely more is more. If you struggle with piles of clothes on the floor, no space for your shoes and a bedroom that somehow never looks tidy, it’s just possible that it’s not your fault. Rather than beating yourself up about being a messy person, it may simply be a case of having nowhere to put your stuff.

To solve the problem, you need to take a step back and look afresh at your bedroom, making storage your Number One priority. I spoke to a specialist bedroom and furniture expert and put together some clever tricks to make the best use of the space you have in an effort to help you achieve the holiest of grails: a stylish and organised bedroom that you can truly relax in.

1, Clever bed storage solutions

Start by taking a long, hard look at your bed to see how storage could be improved here. If you have a traditional bedframe, how are you using the space underneath? Rather than leaving it empty and waste precious space, get some smart underbed storage. Sturdy flat plastic storage boxes, ideally on wheels, are useful for keeping extra bedding, shoes or out-of-season clothing hidden from view and can be pulled/rolled out when necessary.

A more substantial way to improve underbed storage is to invest in an ottoman bed. This will come with an upholstered ottoman storage base to provide hidden storage that extends the full length and width of the bed. Easy to open and close with the help of gas struts, the slatted bed base lifts up effortlessly to reveal a perfect hiding place for spare duvets and pillowcases, bed linen and towels or anything else you need to store out of sight.

Other often overlooked storage areas are the headboard and footboard. A custom made headboard with integrated storage is a space saving alternative to a bedside table, while the footboard can house a TV and sound system!

2. Efficient wardrobe storage

Apart from the bed, your wardrobe is the most substantial piece of storage furniture in your bedroom. However stylish your wardrobe may be, ask yourself: Does it serve your small bedroom? Do the dimensions overpower the room? What do you do with the awkward gaps and spaces to the sides and on top of the wardrobe?

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes and this is where bespoke wardrobes can really score. Whether your room layout is unusual, with sloped roofs, high ceilings or not a right angle in the place, built-in wardrobe solutions can be tailored to the specifications of the room to make the best use of every inch of available space.

Another option is to use an open wardrobe system. If light and space are an issue in your bedroom, a traditional closed wardrobe may feel too oppressive and take up too much room. A space saving open wardrobe can also be a tailored to your needs, with a combination of hanging rails, drawers and shelving to give you all the storage you could possibly need.

3. Additional shelving ideas

Having dealt with the two main storage areas in your bedroom, it’s time to look for ways to add storage that doesn’t take up extra floor space. Think vertically and get clever with shelving! Scrutinise every inch of wall space to see where shelving would work.

Fit shelves into alcoves or corners, around the bed, perhaps even above the door or window frame. If you have high ceilings, take your shelving all the up to the ceiling, or install deep overhead storage shelves for things you don’t use regularly, such as suitcases, Christmas decorations or out-of-season items. Finally, add style with attractive multifunctional accessories that also provide storage – a decorative mirror or picture frame with a shelf below or storage behind.