4 On-Point Ways to Market Your Property

By : Nick Marr

When you’re selling or renting out a property, finding the perfect buyer can be a challenge —there’s a lot of competition and you may find battling against bigger rivals very difficult indeed.

But in the digital age, there are more tactics and strategies to help you reach your audience than ever and many of these democratise opportunities for smaller enterprises.

With that in mind, here are four on-point ways to market your property.


  1. Video 

When it comes to property, visual elements are hugely influential. And while most sellers still market with photos, using video to create a virtual tour of your home is much more interactive. 

Video provides your prospects with a more in-depth look at your property and, in turn, increases their engagement with it.

It’s also is a great tool for reaching a wide audience as it’s easily shared with target audiences on channels like YouTube and Facebook.


  1. Social Media 

There are numerous social media channels out there and each has its own qualities to be exploited.

For instance, Instagram is excellent for sharing high-quality visual images, so create an account for your property and post photos on a regular basis to spark interest.

If your budget stretches far enough, you can also advertise on Facebook — a carefully planned campaign can help you connect with potential buyers or renters.

Social media is simply a great place to share any form of property content, be it videos, photos or blogs — regular, relevant posts will help you gain trust and build a loyal tribe of followers.


  1. Website 

Your property website should be at the centre of your marketing efforts.

And if someone has landed on your website, they clearly have some interest in what you have to offer — so make sure that the key information about your property is front and centre and content subtly guides them towards a sale or booking. 

If you don’t possess the design skills needed to create an effective website, you should partner with web development agency Attercopia to get started ASAP.


  1. Print marketing 

It’s still worth considering old school methods such as print marketing as part of your sales campaign.

Newspaper advertising can be a good option, but leaflet advertising can be more cost-effective because most companies will offer good deals for printing them in bulk and you’re then free to disseminate them.

Leaflets are also great for driving customers to your website and social channels, so include these details to capitalise on the opportunity.

So there a plenty of ways to market your property. Simply remember that an effective marketing strategy encompasses a range of on and offline tools which, with a little practice and pro guidance, connect you swiftly with high-intent customers.


Do you have alternative tips on property marketing? Share them in the comments section.