4 Reasons to Buy a Holiday Villa in Ibiza, Spain

By : Nick Marr

“I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.” -Rosamund Pike

As the quotation listed above by Rosamund Pike states, spending time at a seaside resort or town is liberating and freeing. Therefore, it makes sense to spend as much time at the beach as possible. The sound and motion of the waves are relaxing, allowing you to unclutter your brain and reduce your stress levels.

Therefore, to spend as much time at the beach as possible, shouldn’t you consider purchasing a luxury holiday villa in Spain? If so, why not look at buying one of the villas in Ibiza?

There are many advantages to investing in a property on the island of Ibiza. Here are five of these reasons:

Location and climate

The Island of Ibiza is situated in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain and is about 150kms from the Spanish city of Valencia. Ibiza is the third largest island in the Balearic Archipelago. The well-known and the popular island of Majorca is the largest of the Balearic group of islands.

The fact that Ibiza is a Mediterranean island allows for a warm sunny climate all year round. This, in turn, allows for an outdoor lifestyle or outdoor living. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Europe. And while the swimming season is mainly in summer, the Mediterranean Sea is warm enough to swim all year round.

The ambient temperature never falls below zero, even on the coldest nights in winter. The warm Mediterranean Sea plays a primary role in moderating the island’s climate.

Night life

Ibiza offers both outdoor living and some of the biggest nightclubs in the whole of Europe. Most of the nightclubs are located in two main areas: Ibiza Town (the island’s capital city) and Sant Antoni on the western side of the island.

The holiday (or summer) season begins with opening parties at the beginning of June and ends with closing parties at the beginning of October of each year.


Ibiza’s national cuisine is essential Mediterranean, and it is a well-known fact that the Mediterranean diet is one of, if not the healthiest diet in the world. It traditionally consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, red wine, dairy, and olive oil as the main fat source.

World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics show that Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise. This is due to the increasing prevalence of unhealthy eating as well as a more sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, it makes sense that, when you are holidaying on Ibiza, to get into the habit of following the Mediterranean diet.

Final words

The three reasons mentioned above are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider buying a luxury villa on the Island of Ibiza. The natural beauty, many beaches, as well as the ability to lead a healthy lifestyle are just some of the other reasons to take into account when pondering where to buy a holiday home.