4 Things to Do Before Moving Homes

By : Nick Marr

Moving out of a house is always stressful, no matter how organized you are. And when you’re moving out of one house and into a new house, chances are that the move is going to add to your stress. This is especially true if you have to think about paying for two mortgages for a short period of time.

To help simplify your move, here are four things you need to do before you move out:

Emptying the house

The first thing that you will need to do is to clear the house of your belongings. This allows you to get a better look at the state of the house. Emptying the house completely helps you assess whether certain areas will need to be patched up or repaired. This is especially important if you are planning on putting the house up for sale.

You can ask friends and family to help you move your furniture out, but sometimes you need the help of professionals to avoid dings and scratches to your walls. When it comes to furniture and appliance removals North London has a few established moving and storage companies that can help you with the process.

Cleaning the house

Now that you’ve packed all your boxes and moved out the larger items, it’s time to do a thorough wipe-down. Areas around and under large appliances like the washer, dryer, and even the refrigerator will most likely have a lot of discoloration. They will also have a lot of accumulated dirt and grime.

If you’re up for it, you can do the cleaning yourself. But if you’re pressed for time, and if the house really does need a deep cleaning, you can enlist the help of a professional cleaning service in London. That way, you can focus on taking care of the rest of your moving-out checklist while they make sure the house is in pristine condition for the next homeowner.

Forward all mail

The next thing you will need to do is to forward all mail to your new or temporary address. Arrange a trip to the post office and provide them the details of your new address. If you have any magazine subscriptions, give them due notice that you will be moving and leave your new details with them too.

Before you leave, it might also be a good idea to leave your forwarding address with the new homeowner. This is so that they can forward any of your parcels or mail to your forwarding address or a P.O. box.

Notify the utilities

This is probably one of the more important things on this list. If you forget to do this, you might end up incurring late fees from your utility providers. Set aside some time before the date of your move to notify your service providers like water, gas, electricity, even your landline and cable service, of the date when you will be moving. Provide them the date when they can disconnect your service in that residence.

If you need to move your services to your new home (i.e. cable and landline), it may serve you well to notify your cable provider at least a month before your intended move date.