5 Awesome Tech Tools for Successful Property Companies

By : Nick Marr

Real estate is a fast-moving sector where missing out on securing the right property for private or commercial clients is costly.

So it’s vital that firms take advantage of all of the technology available to make their services fast and efficient.

Running a tight ship requires a combination of streamlined internal systems like automated HR software and customer-facing tools and techniques like virtual reality.

If you’re wondering how to get the edge over your competitors, here are five awesome tech tools for successful property companies.

    1.    Matterport

It’s understandable that in the past, potential purchasers often insisted on several physical visits to a property before they were convinced to sign on the dotted line.

But thanks to 3D property tours from software providers like Matterport, buyers can experience the next best thing to walking through a real property.

Interactive doll’s-house diagrams can be spun around to check every nook and cranny of each room — enabling busy property moguls to bid from the comfort of their sofas.

    2.    Forty/8

Specialist property firm Forty/8 is using VR headsets to allow customers interested in new build apartments to walk through their new homes before they’re even constructed.

In urban areas where competition for prime domestic properties is high, many residential complexes are sold well in advance of being built.

But this type of tech can convince buyers to get ahead of the crowd and bag their dream homes before they miss out.

    3.    Habito

Getting onto the property ladder and securing the best deal on a mortgage can be a bit of a minefield — so it’s wise to seek advice from an independent broker or financial advisor.

But a digital mortgage broker like Habito makes the process less painless and time-consuming by making mortgages accessible online from any device.

The tech uses AI algorithms to match the best the market has to offer with the specific requirements of each customer.

    4.    No Agent

Being a landlord can be lucrative but frustrating — especially if you rely on a property manager to help things run smoothly.

But intelligent property management from No Agent allows owners to pay an affordable fixed monthly fee that covers everything from finding good tenants to credit checks, arranging viewings and collecting rent.

It’s ideal for landlords with small or large portfolios, as well as those who reside abroad.

    5.    Goodlord

Property rentals traditionally involve a lot of paperwork, but Goodlord’s digitised tenancy transaction service has streamlined the process for younger renters who aren’t used to dealing with onerous paperwork — while making life easier for landlords and agents too.

The platform automatically generates contracts that can be signed electronically and even arranges rent protection insurance.

By simplifying a process that can be stressful, this technology makes life easier for every stakeholder.

These five awesome tech tools for successful property companies perfectly align emerging innovations with the demands of 21st century customers — so they should help you make your mark in a competitive sector.

Do you use tech in your property business? Share your advice in the comments section.