5 Things You Need For Moving To Italy From The UK

By : Nick Marr

5 Things You Need For Moving To Italy From The UK


In the past few years, there has been an increasing number of people who have decided to leave the United Kingdom and settle down in Italy. With the country’s comfortable way of living and rich history and culture, relocating there can be one of the best decisions you can make in your entire life.

However, just like other moves, the transition from the UK to Italy can never be easy. From the moving costs to other essential requirements for having a great Italian life, you’ll have lots of things to consider right from the very beginning.

To make the whole moving process less stressful, below are the five things you need to take into account when relocating to Italy from the UK.

  1. Visa And Residence Permits

Before you can relocate to Italy, you probably need to prepare your visa and residence permits beforehand. Fortunately, if you’re a UK national, you no longer need to secure a visa or a permanent residence permit. On the other hand, even if you’re living in the United Kingdom, but you’re not an EU national, you’ll have to apply for a visa at the Italian embassy before you can move to Italy.

Thus, if you want to make your move a seamless one, check your status, and be sure to get your visa and permits ready if needed.

  1. Assistance From A Reliable Removal Service

Moving from the UK to Italy can be more successful with the help of an experienced removal service, like JamVans European Removals. When relocating your entire household, they can provide a moving truck for all your belongings. They’ll carry out an inventory, wrap and pack everything for you, and have all your stuff delivered to your destination without trouble.

From the inventory to other customs forms, they can arrange all these types of paperwork for you and ensure that everything goes safely and smoothly.

  1. Moving Budget

Of course, one of the essential things you’ll need for your move to Italy is your moving budget. Just like other undertakings, relocating can be very expensive, and to avoid any financial mishap along the way, it’s important to plan your budget correctly. Aside from the costs of moving your possessions with you, you should also have your budget ready once you arrive in Italy to finance the first few months of living there.

Here are the things that should be included in your moving budget:

  • Housing – Unless you own a house in Italy, you have to rent a place to stay. Luckily, most Italian housing rental fees are fairly reasonable. This means you can get your own living space at an equitable rate.
  • Cost Of Living – Since Italy is a comfortable place to stay, an Italian lifestyle, particularly in Rome and Milan, is no doubt expensive. As such, it’s imperative to set aside a considerable amount of money to cover the costs of living in Italy once you get settled in. Be sure the money in your bank account is sufficient to start an Italian lifestyle.
  1. Private Health Insurance

When moving to Italy from the UK, it’s also important to think about your health, as well as the health services available to expats like you. Unfortunately, Italy doesn’t offer a high-quality but cheap national health care service for those people moving to the country.

Given these circumstances, it’s best to take out private health insurance once you arrive. Be sure to pick the right insurance coverage based on your age and health. That way, you can rest knowing that in case of health emergencies, the insurance can cover the expenses.

  1. Compliance With Certain Driving Requirements

If you’re looking to drive in Italy once you move in, be sure to understand the driving requirements of the country. Generally, driving in Italy comes with risks, and if you’re not careful enough, you might get into a road accident and risk your life for nothing.

Because of this, moving to Italy with the desire to take your car from the United Kingdom means you need to comply with specific requirements. These might include:

  • You should make an effort to register your personal vehicle before you move to Italy.
  • You should pay the necessary taxes and get the car adequately insured.
  • You should make sure your car follows the emission requirements of the Italian city you’re relocating in.

Once you’re done with these requirements, the next step is to determine the transportation method for your car. If you think getting professional help is less costly, hire a moving company that can relocate your vehicle safely.


With all the things mentioned above, no doubt that the moving process can be overwhelming. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan and prepare everything efficiently in order to survive the challenges that lie ahead. That way, you’ll have every reason to enjoy the blissful life in a land filled with glamour and vitality–Italy.

This post was written by Chris @ JamVans European Removals. JamVans are a WHICH? Trusted Trader and BAR accredited removals company helping people in the UK move their house and home abroad.