5 Ways Embracing The Cloud Can Help You Run A Better Realty Business

By : europeanproperty

Some realtors and businesses have transitioned into running their operations online. While it makes running a realty business and selling property easier, the vein of benefits runs much deeper than that. The fact is many businesses use the cloud for its combination of convenience, security, and ease of use. Whether you need to use a public, private, or hybrid cloud, there’s something for everyone. If you’ve been thinking about transitioning to using cloud service for a while but are still on the fence, check out these five ways embracing the cloud can help you streamline, smooth out, and ultimately run your realty operation better.

Smooth Customer Interaction And Service

Businesses need to be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice these days. Serving the customer and creating an atmosphere of high quality service isn’t as easy as it once was. Developing a scalable strategy for any business requires some development, research, and implementation of new technology. A hybrid cloud solution offers all this and more. Since they can handle heavy workflows easier, handling multiple clients is easy. The cornerstone of any good business is providing solid customer service. When it comes to realty, this is especially prudent. Helping people find new homes should be easy and convenient for the customer. Rather than have them research it on their own by traveling physically to the location or looking it up online, you can provide a solid interactive experience using hybrid cloud technology. This effectively enables users to click and procure real estate in real-time without much hassle. This is but one example of how connectivity and utility via the cloud can benefit any realty company. By moving into the future, you can create a better business opportunity/operation with a little bit of robust technology.

Disaster Recovery

In the world of cloud computing there are various types of platforms and deployment methods. Cloud architecture can vary depending on your business’s needs. Some businesses might prefer a public cloud, which is like subscribing to a service (and that  can service multiple users). Others might prefer a private cloud which is unique to that organization. There are also community clouds, which are similar to private clouds but allow multiple businesses to use it as a hub. Hybrid clouds take the Best of both worlds approach and combine two different cloud types into one. This ultimately creates a way for both on-premises and cloud data to be used by a company with very little risk of compromise. Unfortunately, data breaches do happen (largely because of human error, although there are other reasons). To that end, data recovery is easier with a hybrid cloud. Hybrid clouds let you scale your less critical workloads while the IT team secures the most sensitive data from your on-premises network. This allows the business to safeguard sensitive data and react quickly in the event of a data breach or other disaster.

Reduced Overhead and Costs

Operating a business can get pretty expensive—especially in realty. Hybrid clouds help reduce costs by letting organizations use only the resources they use. As a realty company, your demand/ high level time frames will vary throughout the year. So, wouldn’t it make sense from a cost perspective to use only the services you need during down times and amplify those services when you’re in peak season? Hybrid clouds are scalable, meaning you don’t need to invest millions upon millions of dollars into one solution that’s only going to help you some of the time. Due to the scalability of the hybrid cloud, it will evolve to suit your business needs. This effectively creates a versatile service that will help you get people into homes while increasing profits over time. It’s a good idea to switch or utilize such tools when trying to optimize your business operations.

Heightened Security

If, for whatever reason, you’re not impressed by the increased customer service possibilities and the cost/overhead reduction hybrid clouds can offer, just consider their heightened security benefits. Indeed, cloud security is one of the best reasons to go this route with any business function. Whether you’re looking to secure your network, protect the migration of your data, secure applications, file storage, other important items, a cloud security solution lets you do just that. Usually, these offer an all-in-one solution that takes care of security concerns for you while you take full advantage of the cloud’s versatility and application.

Improved Workflows

Sometimes businesses are resistant to switching over to the cloud because they’re concerned it won’t work as well or perform as high as their current on-premises infrastructure. But this simply isn’t true. Hybrid clouds improve workflows to a high degree. With a hybrid cloud solution, some of your workflow can migrate through the cloud while other parts of it can stay on premises. This provides some flexibility in customizing your workflow into something that’s easy and convenient for your company. You can implement automated updates, integrity checks, and other important features while also streamlining some of the work your employees have to do using this model. Best of all, you can build a strategy around a hybrid cloud solution that lets you cherry pick the features that will most benefit your work. Any realty Company can benefit from such a solution due to its strategic value, amazing features, and vast utility.