6 Benefits of Having a Balcony

By : europeanproperty

Whether you have a garden or not, adding a balcony to your existing property can have many benefits.


If you have a garden, you can still significantly benefit from a balcony. You can change how you spend your time outside; use the garden for things such as activities and children’s playground stuff, then the balcony can be used as more of a retreat. You can make the balcony your little haven and escape from the world.

If you don’t have a garden, then a balcony can be hugely beneficial as it provides you with outdoor space. In this blog, we take a look at the many benefits of having a balcony and why you should consider adding one to your existing property.

  1. Extra Space

The primary benefit of a balcony is the extra space you will gain. Not only is there more room to host or store items, but you can also enjoy the great outdoors at your leisure!

You can store items outside on the balcony by using storage boxes. You can keep bikes, tools, gardening equipment, etc. without taking up any space inside your property.

  1. Host Your Guests Outside

A balcony is a great place to have some outdoor furniture and host guests for gatherings; whether it is just a catch-up, drinks or a dinner party. Outdoor furniture can also encourage you to spend more time outside because, for example, rather than reading your book on the sofa in the living room, why not enjoy the fresh air and sunshine?

Al fresco dining is also possible with a balcony. Whether you would prefer to cook and then take the food outside, or use a BBQ on the balcony, al fresco dining is easily achieved with the added outdoor space.

  1. Private Outdoor Space

If you don’t have a garden, then having a balcony could be the perfect alternative! You can enjoy the fresh air at your leisure and with privacy, unlike visiting a park or any other public outdoor space.

You can enjoy your time outside without others around and to add even more privacy; you can install balustrades to block the view of the balcony from others.

  1. Work Outside

Working in the office or home study can sometimes be a repetitive, boring and jeopardise your creativity. Having a balcony provides you with the option to head outside with your laptop and work in the fresh air.

Not only is it considered more enjoyable to spend time outdoors, but it is also beneficial to your health. Research has shown that spending time outside can benefit your immune system, improve eyesight, reduce stress and enhance creativity! What better reasons to embrace the outdoors?

  1. Space for Pets to Enjoy

Now, this applies to those of you who either have a garden or not. While the garden is likely already used daily by your pets for a run around, having a balcony can be an excellent place for them to rest.

It is in the pets’ best interest to spend as much time outside as possible because the fresh air can help boost its health while also reducing stress and anxiety. Vitamin D is also essential to animals and being outside is often where they are happiest! So, why not put a bed out on the balcony for them so they can rest while also reaping in the benefits?

  1. Grow Plants

You can use a balcony to not only grow plants that are aesthetically pleasing, but you can also grow herbs, fruit and veg, depending on the size of the balcony you choose.

You could either install a flower bed and create your own display, or you could use the space to grow tomatoes, cucumbers etc. and enjoy fresh produce straight from your balcony!

While spending time outside is hugely beneficial on its own, having the addition of plants will only improve the overall experience and advantages to your health.

We hope that you have found this insightful and has potentially inspired you to consider a balcony. If you would like to add a balcony to your existing property, why not opt for ANY Weld to complete the design and installation? They are steel balcony manufacturers and have over 30 years of experience!