6 Swimming Pool Ideas for your Spanish Home-from-Home

By : Nick Marr

You braved the Spanish property market, and are finally – triumphantly – sitting in your beautiful home-from-home. There’s sun, sangria, and even a view of the sea, so what’s missing?

The secret to achieving that true “holiday” feeling is making the most of the gorgeous Spanish weather by indulging in all of the pleasures you can’t have at home. Lounging on a sun-drenched terrace, cooking up a batch of paella in your outdoor kitchen, and cooling off from the midday heat with a dip in your private pool. If you can tick the first two off your list but haven’t yet stretched to the third, it’s time to upgrade.

Most of us don’t have a pool in the UK because the weather is cold, heating is expensive and maintenance is time-consuming. It’s a different story in Spain, where a home on the southern coast offers guaranteed sunshine most of the year, and swimmable temperatures even in winter. Keeping your pool clean is still important, but considering how much use it will see (and how much it will boost your rental opportunities) it’s almost always worth it.

If you’re ready to take the plunge (pun intended), then read on to find out more about the most popular kinds of pool, and help you decide which one will be right for your home.

1.The Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground pools are a popular choice for holiday homes, for a whole host of reasons. The installation process eliminates troubles with trying to excavate rocky terrain, making them easy and affordable to set up. Their materials and construction also make it possible to dismantle your above-ground pool if you ever need to reclaim your garden, or decide to move elsewhere and take it with you. Integration with your landscaping will make it feel just as luxurious as an in-ground pool, and adding a raised decking area will give you comfortable space to sunbathe while you dip your feet.

2.The In-Ground Pool

On the other hand, if you’re completely committed to the idea of a pool and have plenty of space, an in-ground design may tick all of your boxes. They’re perfect for blending into your garden and make it much easier to add accessories like pool slides, if you have kids (or big kids). Make sure to do your research and consult with a firm of specialist pool builders in Spain, who can advise you on the best materials, design and construction.

3.The Infinity Pool

Currently considered the height of extravagance, infinity pools are elegant, custom-built projects that give the illusion of a limitless body of water. Placing them so the edge of the pool meets with empty sky or the ocean creates a particularly dramatic and beautiful effect. Infinity pools represent the more expensive home pools, and really require a hillside property to do them justice.

4.The Lap Pool

Also known as exercise pools, lap pools are a great choice if fitness is your primary focus, and you only have a limited outdoor space. Usually fitted with a current generator, lap pools combine function with beauty, and provide a modest space to swim at your leisure.

5.The Plunge Pool

Another space-saving design, plunge pools are ideal for simply cooling off from the Spanish heat. Their unassuming size makes them easy to maintain, cheaper to fill and more affordable overall. Plunge pools are an excellent accompaniment to a sun terrace, and can be upgraded with fountains, jets or waterfalls for added relaxation.

6.The Hot Tub

If you don’t quite have the space (or aren’t ready for the commitment) for an entire pool, why not opt for a hot tub? You can find plenty of styles to suit modern or traditional homes, and enjoy the privacy of your own place to cool off without compromising on space. Perfect for any modest outdoor area, hot tubs feel especially indulgent on a roof garden or hillside terrace, where you can sip a glass of sangria while enjoying a spectacular view.

Don’t forget to secure proper planning permission before you start work, and keep in mind it can take a few months to go through the Spanish system. Talk to neighbours about their experiences, and use local professionals to get the best advice.