7 Best Cities for Students to Settle Down After College

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7 Best Cities for Students to Settle Down After College

The first years after graduation are some of the hardest in the lives of young people.

This is a time when you are not a student anymore. Now, you should forget about relying on somebody except yourself – parents, college friends, fate, specialists from EssayPro who’ve saved you more than once and even Google. It is time to take charge of your own life.

Graduates often move to other countries in search of better conditions and dream jobs. The choices of today’s generation are influenced by such factors as the availability of housing, ease of relocation, freedom of personal choice, as well as the diversity of culture and entertainment aspects of life in the city.

In our article, we have analyzed the best cities to identify the most popular destinations among the millennials. The criteria for selection are as simple as possible: is there work in the city?

Can a middle-income person afford to live there comfortably? How open and tolerant is the urban environment? And, importantly, is there a place to have fun?

Here are our top seven options for you to consider!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is considered the most attractive city for living and working, taking into account many aspects. These are active nightlife, a vibrant creative platform for artists, ease of doing business and launching projects, tolerance, and a diverse cultural environment.

The city is also easy to live in terms of transport. It offers great higher education and does not burden residents with overwhelmingly high prices for housing and products.

Vienna, Austria

The city has excellent infrastructure, high health care, and a low crime rate. Vienna is also ranked No. 1 in the list of the best cities to live in. Compared to some European cities, the cost of living in this city remains acceptable.

Vienna’s rich history fills the city with the spirit of art. All the museums, galleries, and concerts of all kinds will give you an unforgettable aesthetic experience.

There are many fine restaurants and all kinds of cultural events. The magnificent architecture and the abundance of green areas and squares make Vienna a city where people truly enjoy life.

Zurich, Switzerland

The largest city of Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe on the northwest shore of Lake Zurich. It is an ideal place to live if you want to visit other European cities on weekends.

Also, Zurich is a banking and financial center, so many would characterize it as a conservative city.

At the same time, Zurich thrives on whole creative neighborhoods and a vibrant nightlife. This beautiful, clean and safe city with modern schools is a suitable option for a family move.

Switzerland has a fairly large immigrant community, so newcomers are always supported and helped.

Munich, Germany

Munich, a thriving city of art, is famous not only for its entertainment but also for a serious approach to balancing work and personal life. It is also worth noting that the crime rate in Munich is very low.

It is always easy to stay healthy and fit in this city. Endless parks, trails for hiking in summer, ski slopes for winter leisure – literally everything around promotes a healthy lifestyle. And one of the most popular modes of transport is bicycles.

In restaurants and cafes with their variety of cuisine, everyone will find something to suit their tastes and budgets.

Munich is undoubtedly a treasure trove of great views and entertainment. Once settled, you might never want to leave the Bavarian capital.

London, Great Britain

London is perhaps the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. There are plenty of world-famous attractions. It is almost impossible to get acquainted with the whole artistic and musical culture of the English capital or try everything that is offered to tourists in one visit.

You will have to return here, and if you are brave and optimistic about the disgusting weather, you can even fall in love with this city so much that you’d like to spend your whole life there.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva hosts the UN, the World Health Organization, and many international corporations’ headquarters. It is a safe city with a high standard of living, which also comes for a high cost.

Even though Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, the youth takes about 40% of the population, which is almost half a million people.

For any Genevan, it is easy to list the factors that make this place one of the most convenient cities to live in. Here you will find excellent schools, convenient public transport, and entertainment at any time of year.

Frankfurt, Germany

What makes Germany so special? The answer is simple. There is a well-developed infrastructure, a good level of education in schools, quality health care, and great opportunities for professional development. This blend makes this third largest city in Germany one of the most attractive places to move to.

Despite the high standard of living, prices here, in contrast to other cities on the list, will please anyone. Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany, and the wages here are usually high.

Final Words

There are a lot of beautiful and comfortable cities in Europe which can be a perfect place for students to settle down after graduation.

Hopefully, you will find this list handy as a college graduate in search of a suitable place to start adult life in.