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Getting your bathroom just right can be hard but, if you do, it will be well worth the struggle. The bathroom is a great place to think, relax, and spruce up – it’s not all about the toilet! It is also an easy way to increase the value of your home. In this post, we will introduce to 7 great ways to help you remodel your bathroom into a dreamy, and valuable, space.


  1. Plan at home

It’s a good idea to have a planning session with anyone who is going to use the bathroom before speaking to contractors. Do you all have the same ideas? You will need to look at fixtures and fittings and think about a budget. Typically, a bathroom remodel will take 30-90 days, so it is important you do it at a time everyone can cope with this upheaval. You should also make sure the contractor knows if it’s your only toilet so you don’t get caught short without one over the course of the renovation!


Make sure to have a look at the different sorts of bathroom playout. Try to come together on one that suits everyone likely to use the bathroom in your home. Do you want just one set of vanities or two? Do you want a bathtub with a stand-in shower or separate access to a shower? Are bidets your thing? Does a wet room tickle your fancy? Can you turn a room into an en-suite? With these sorts of questions answered you’ll be ready to take some ideas to a contractor.


  1. Get a number of quotes

It’s a good idea to get a number of quotes when remodeling your bathroom. A good way to find suitable contractors is to ask around with friends or neighbors who have recently had renovations done. Perhaps you like the look of a bathroom someone has recently had installed? However, make sure to think about the quotes carefully. Choosing the cheapest one doesn’t make sense if the offer is ridiculously low. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


You should also be careful with how much you change things when remodeling if you want to keep prices down. Keeping floor plans similar is a good idea so that plumbing fixtures don’t have to be moved. However, if there are any issues with the plumbing or wiring and they need to be replaced, you could take the opportunity to be more inventive. Make sure to get some advice on this when getting your quotes.


  1. Budget carefully

As bathroom remodeling projects take anywhere form one month to 3 months, it is important to budget carefully. Things can crop up during the course of renovation that you hadn’t expected, so you don’t want to run the risk of running out of cash. Put together a careful budget including an itemized list of everything from paint to tiles and contractors to your own DIY input.


Even with the best will in the world, you’ll need to plan for unepexted eventualities. Make sure to keep some money set aside over and above what you have budgeted for materials and contractor costs. It’s a good idea to have a clear timeline in place too, as the longer a project goes on, the more likely costs will escalate. You may also be able to get money off from contractors if they miss deadlines you have pre-defined and agreed in the contract.


  1. Keep things modern

When you are choosing the specifics of your design, it is important to keep things modern. However, you need to think outside of the box here. Everyone knows how quickly that 80s look got dated. Try to think to the future a bit. What things last the test of time? Try to avoid choosing things that may well just be a fad. This is particularly important if you are likely to sell up in the next few years.


Obviously, if you plan to enjoy your remodel for a few years first you still have to think of your own tastes. However, a longer-term perspective is important whenever making major changes to your house. Get things right and you can enjoy a great new bathroom and end up making money on it in the long run.


  1. Make the most of the space

This is where the choice of contractor will be a big help. Did they come with lots of ideas? If not, you may consider speaking to an architect. Architects don’t come cheap, but if you are spending a sizeable amount of money it is worth getting their input. They will be able to see space you didn’t know was there. They will also be able to help you envision it with blueprints, floorplans, and even 3D computer models. Glass is your friend when it comes to maximizing space and light in small bathroom spaces.


  1. Install proper ventilation

Now we are on to the nitty-gritty. Getting the ventilation right in a bathroom is vital due to the amount of moisture and heat you’ll be generating. The last thing you want is issues with damp and mold creeping in as a result of lack of ventilation. Shower panels should never go all the way to the ceiling for this reason. You also want a high-quality fan that works on a timer. Whenever that light goes on, get the fan to go with it. This will keep things fresh in the bathroom in more ways than one!


  1. Get the lighting right

Bathrooms often end up in a space without any access to natural light. Whether they do or not, getting the lighting right is important for a successful bathroom remodel. It is good to choose a range of options for different moods. LED lighting works great in recesses and around the mirror but overhead ambient lighting is better with more traditional bulbs that scatter light more. You’ll want the options of dimly lit romantic and bright daytime wakeup as a minimum.