7 Tips to Help You While Moving

By : Nick Marr

This list will make your first day in a new home a blissful one.

Say, you have just signed the contract on your new home (congrats!). But before long, the excitement of settling into your new home will wear off and be replaced by the dreariness of packing and unpacking boxes. It doesn’t have to be so; we have rounded up expert-approved tips to keep you sound and prepared during the move.

1.Do your packing smartly

You don’t have to do all packing in one fell swoop. Remember you will need energy to unpack as well. So, prior to the moving day- say a week- give yourself a box quota to achieve each day.

2.Don’t pack your closet

Some professional removals companies may have their own wardrobe boxes, so you don’t have to pack your clothes. These removal companies just take your clothes right on the hangers and, whoa, your clothes are in and out- easy!

Pro tip: you can skip a whole day of ironing when you are settled.

3.Switch up your utilities

This one may look like a no-brainer, but some people do forget to. Timing is important. As soon as you have a final date in mind, call up your utility provider and have them switch up the utility service. This is especially important if you are moving into a home that was recently built or formerly unoccupied.

4.Make your goodbye easier

Moving from a home with emotional value (i.e. your children’s growth mark notches on the wall-frame) can be heartrending. To reduce the pain, you can do a list of exciting things you are looking forward to at the new home (perhaps a Pinterest board if you are the creative type), think home decorating, and new things to do. If you have young children, you could make a video of each kid talking about their favourite part of the house for sake of memories.

5.Move the basics before the removal van comes

If your new home is within driving distance from your present home, make plans to take your basic stuff there prior to the moving day. Unpacking your bathroom items ahead of time, keeping pyjamas and clothes for at least the next few days will bring some calm to the chaos of the boxes.

6.Meet your neighbours the interesting way

Yeah, baked goods and a friendly hi will do the trick, but if you are going to be painting the interior walls later, here’s a fun party idea; you can have a small graffiti party and have guests scribble fun stuff on the walls with markers and paint. Don’t worry, you’ll paint over them soon enough.

Bonus tip: You get to meet everybody at once.

7.Change the locks

This is one regularly overlooked necessity. It is important to have the landlord or property owner change the locks to ensure your security and that of the family. Or you could get a master locksmith in the area to do this professionally. It has been known for the previous occupants or neighbours with keys  keep the keys and break in later. So do yourself a favour and avoid this from the outset.

Now that you are settled in, take a leisure walk with your dog (if you have one), and get acclimatised to your new neighbourhood. Good luck!