7 Ways a Professional Plumber can Raise your Property’s Resale Value

By : Nick Marr

Like most homeowners looking to sell their house, the idea to do a little work here and there in order to increase its value has probably crossed your mind. But have you tough about renovating your plumbing system? Probably not, but that is actually quite typical, since plumping is not the first thing that catches your or the homebuyers eye upon entering the property.

Problems like leaking faucets, slow drains or even water spots on the ceiling can drastically lower the potential buyer’s bid. Even if you don’t find them as issues, why compromise property value and waste water? After all, better safe than sorry, and who doesn’t want to be safe with a maximum sales price?

1. Spare the hassle – Install a new garbage disposal

Having a new garbage disposal is a big plus for ensuring a good price for your property. However, there are quite a few things that can go wrong with installing one: If there isn’t an electrical source near the unit, an electrician, as well as a plumber are likely to be required to complete the upgrade. However, on the plumbing end, minor reworkings of the drains under the kitchen sink will need to take place, and in some cases, the line in the wall may even need to be lowered to accommodate the appliance.

The point here is that it’s better to do such an update before putting up the house for sale, because this way you save the hassle for your future buyers.

2. First impressions are important! Install some new fixtures

Just like with the kitchen, updating some parts of the bathroom always makes a nice impression. According to the London Fantastic Plumbers, installing new faucets, a new shower head or even upgrading the fixtures can drastically improve the overall look.

Additionally, if you install water-saving fixtures, you can save money on your utility bills.

3. The Water Heater – Looking good and feeling good

Besides working properly, a water heater needs to be visibly in a good condition. A heater that shows wear definitely won’t leave a smile on a home buyer’s face.

Even if you are not planning to sell your property, a new water heater is always recommended not only for increasing your homes potential value but as a safety measure as well. These units have electrical heating elements in contact with water, these elements can deteriorate with age and short out electrically to the water heater’s metal casing.

When this happens, it’s possible to receive a severe and perhaps fatal shock when touching the hot water heater’s housing or connecting pipes.

4. Have you checked the water pressure?

Slow running water is always annoying. It also can indicate that there may be hidden plumbing issues. Make sure that the water in the property flows smoothly and the pressure is OK. It may seem like a small problem, but for some it can be a major concern.

5. The Devil is in the details

“Luxury” is a word that can make almost anyone turn their head. Add it to your dictionary and home as well. Replace your old sinks and tubs with fancy new ones, add some multi-position shower heads – everyone likes shiny, high-end looking things. Doing a little here and there around the kitchen and bathroom can immensely improve the look of your home.

Let’s not forget about the importance of functionality.

A new outdoor faucet will make gardening even easier. If your home has a gas supply line, you could have a line installed directly to an outdoor grill. Simple tweaks like these can increase your home’s appeal and value.

6. Pipes – The literally hidden treasure

If you are living in an older property, you may be faced with pipe issues.

Old pipes can have corroding iron or lead that could be releasing harmful particles into your tap water, which can cause problems to your health. Installing new pipes even in just a few sections can tremendously boost the market value of your home. You get a more efficient, reliable, and clean water flow through your home, that you can advertise when selling the house, and your eventual buyers get a new higher quality plumbing system than would otherwise be available from other homes of the same age and quality. It’s a win-win situation!

7. High-Efficiency Plumbing: How to save some money in the long run

Sometimes it’s better to spend a little more money now, so you can save it in the long run. High-efficiency plumbing is specially designed to significantly decrease water consumption and energy, which can certainly improve your homes price and make it look even more attractive to prospective buyers. This can be anything from simple faucet aerators, to high-efficiency shower heads, to high-efficiency toilets that use much less water per flush than your standard toilet does.

Don’t forget that it’s good for the environment and “eco-friendly” is definitely a trending word.

Small projects for big results: A few ideas that can spruce up your kitchen

You can always freshen up your kitchen without breaking the bank. We are not talking about full remodeling, just a few small cosmetic updates like changing faucets, adding a new sink or even installing a garbage disposal. Details like these help create new aesthetic and give the buyers a good impression of a well-maintained home.