A Guide to Rentals in Paros, Greece: Lodging Tips and Options

By : europeanproperty

Getting the full Parian experience isn’t just about traversing the whitewashed streets and beaches of Paros, Greece. It also matters where you rest your head for the night and where you spend your early mornings watching the sun come to its full height.

So, to enjoy your stay at Paros fully, an important decision to make is where you should stay on the island. Should you just keep it simple in a small island room, or should you live large in one of the luxury villa rentals?

To help you make your decision, we’ve outlined some of your best lodging options when you’re vacationing in Paros, Greece.

Hotel Rooms

Unlike most countries, there aren’t many international chain hotels in Paros (and in Greece in general). But what it lacks in chain hotels, they more than make up for in small-time, family-owned hotels. These quaint little hotels and boutique properties can be found in almost every cranny in the island’s capital.

Pro: You’ll be able to enjoy Parian hospitality firsthand. These independent hotels often have the owners manning the reception area and cooking food for you.

Con: The rooms in most hotels are often plain. Amenities that you’d normally enjoy in bigger hotels won’t be as readily available.


Roughly translating to “rooms for rent,” these are exactly what it sounds like: a small rental in a family house. If you want to fully experience the Parian life, dine with the locals, have drinks with them, and even prepare the food as they do, then this is the perfect option for you.

Pro: Domatias are extremely budget-friendly. Plus, most rooms that are being offered are just within the island’s capital. If you want to stay within the capital but are tight on budget, then this will be a good fit for you.

Con: Of course, privacy will be compromised if you choose a domatium. In some cases, you’d need to share your restroom with the owners and other boarders in the house.

Luxury Villas

Do you want to fully enjoy your stay in Paros with your family? If so, luxury villa rentals might be a good option. Enjoy the rolling hills of the island by staying in a cliff-top villa complete with an infinity pool.

Pro: You will enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience.

Con: You might no longer want to leave.