A Look at the Monaco Fairy Tale

By : Nick Marr

Ever since the beautiful Hollywood star Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier III, on 18 April 1956, Monaco has appeared to many as a magical land.  Of course this is helped by the fact that it’s a tax haven that’s home to some of the most luxurious real estate in the world.

 You may not be able to afford one of the high end opportunities in the principality but, whether or not you’re looking to buy there, it’s an amazing place to have a look at.

The latest in luxury real estate

On 19 August 2014 Bloomberg reported on the creation of the world’s most expensive penthouse, which at $400 million dollars’ worth of pure indulgence is another reason for the attraction of an increasing number of the super-rich.  Much of the influx has come from Switzerland where there have been changes to financial privacy.

A dream of the best

Take a look through some of the properties for sale in Monaco and you can see why it’s so attractive to those in the higher income brackets.  From residences in the millions of dollars to those where you merely see the phrase POA (price on application) you can see this is not your normal residential neighbourhood.

The obvious attractions of a paradise principality

If you are lucky enough to be able to invest in the Monaco real estate market there are obvious tax advantages.  But there’s also the massive positive of owning a residence in a place that offers so much in culture and entertainment.

You can’t fail to be aware of the glitz and glamour that surrounds the gambling nirvana of the Monte Carlo Casino.  Built in 1878 by the architect Charles Garner, the incredible building is an example of opulence at its best.  Its marble and onyx interiors play host to some of the gambling world’s and celebrity elite.

For a more cultural vibe the pristine white edifice that is the Monaco Cathedral is a breathtaking place of worship and the last resting place of the couple who created the fairy tale, Princess Grace and Prince Rainier.

A taste of class

You can tell a place is upmarket when champagne is a national beverage; this is the case with Monaco.  The principality also has a reputation for some of the best seafood if you’re eating out.  Alhough it has an eclectic menu Monaco is known as the home of exquisite French cuisine and offers such local specialities as barbagiuan (a rice and pumpkin filled pastry) and stocafi (dried cod which is cooked in tomato sauce).

There’s no doubt that Monaco is a dream place to live with its culture, environment and cuisine.  Most importantly you can’t forget the out and out romance that it brings to people’s minds.  If you have the money to invest you get all of this as well as the excellent financial tax benefits that it provides.