Amazing Dinner Parties

By : Nick Marr

There’s no better way to celebrate moving into a new home than by throwing a dinner party. It will give guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy a mouthwatering meal while admiring the property’s design and feel.

One of the keys to arranging successful dinner parties is preparation, it helps to avoid stress.  Making sure the house is clean, offering a taste bud tantalising menu and the setting of the table are also other factors to consider when organising a dinner party.  Being a relaxed host or hostess will put visitors at ease so they can appreciate the gorgeous living area as well as luxurious features in every room, available from Aveling Homes.

5 top tips for hosting a successful dinner party

Hosting dinner parties is all about having fun and enjoying delicious tasting cuisine.  Award-winning home builders based in Perth, Western Australia provide exceptional value for money properties, perfect for holding parties.  Designs are second to none and whether looking for a simple or elegant style, expect the highest quality from master home builders Down Under.

Now back to that all important dinner party.  Here are 5 top tips for hosting a successful dinner party:-

1.     Make sure the dishwasher is completely empty before the party begins.  There’s nothing worse than seeing dirty dishes in the kitchen. Also make sure all the waste bins are empty in every room, clean and tidy is the way to do it.

2.     A stress free kitchen – keep the unpleasant tasks out of the way before the party. Prep everything, cook ahead of time and wash knives, cutting boards as well as pots and pans.  When it comes to desserts, try to prepare them the night before.

3.     Setting the table – a modern look will compliment a new dining room.  Dining tables are usually the centrepiece of a room, so get the setting right and everything else will fall into place.  It doesn’t have to be too elaborate or too expensive. Once the tablecloth, napkins, cutlery and wine glasses have been laid out, add a vase of flowers for extra colour and perfume.

4.     The menu – the meal itself completely depends on how many people are invited to the dinner party. Try a roast if there are only a small number of guests or a pasta dish with side salad for a larger number of people.

5.     Timetable of the dinner party – when the intention of a dinner party is to showcase a new home, then midday would be a good time.  This will provide a better opportunity for guests to take a tour of the inside and outside of the property.  They may wish to take photographs or be inspired to make enquiries about investing in a new build themselves.

The overall object of a dinner party is to enjoy it. Putting together a memorable dinner party to showcase a new home, built by residential builders Perth, to family and friends is a great idea.