Be a Proud Owner of a Modern Conservatory

By : Nick Marr

Conservatories are being used since the 16th century where the wealthy house owners cultivated a few fruits and vegetables like orange and lemon. Such eatables were considered to be exotic as they were brought from the Mediterranean region by traders. A conservatory, by definition, is an extension of a house that is built with a wall and surrounded by glasses and is usually formed on any one part of the house.

England has developed modern conservatories London that is for the English love of gardening and the advent of new glass technology. As more countries developed the taste for such extensions, new designs began to emerge.

Across the world, mainly in colder climates like Europe, conservatories are used to display flowers and a variety of plants of foreign origin. Apart from the stated uses, some people also started using them for social and recreational purposes like arranging a tea party.

A few architects across the globe took giving the conservatories a new design as a personal challenge and successfully erected a plenty of famous buildings as we know today as the Tollcross Winter Gardens, Muttart conservatory in Canada, and Pearson conservatory in South Africa. Another source of public attraction were the municipal conservatories that became popular in the nineteenth century.


Every government has different regulations regarding the construction of buildings. Such is the case for solariums, a name given by people to conservatories. In UK, the law mentions the walls to be at least 50 or more percent and the roof to be about 75 percent; covered with some form of translucent materials.

As there are various purposes to build a solarium, the materials used tend to differ. With new technological advancements, the glasses used are of different builds for example, the glazing, hollow membrane glass to trap heat, reflective glass, tampered glass and many more.

Also known as a glasshouse, a solarium with different designs began to be erected in private gardens, public parks and other public places.

Some conservatories are devoted to not only growing rare plants but also for breeding rare birds and animals. The recreational use for such extensions is always a preference in today’s market. Let’s have a look at a couple of popular designs.

Victorian conservatories

The Victorian conservatory blends in just about any type of house design and boasts a touch of classy design. The finishing colours available are brown and white which make quite an impressive part of the architectural design of your house. You wouldn’t want to miss getting the extra room that can be used for hobbies and recreation while adding value to your property. Such Victorian designs are best available at Ideal Homes Ltd.


If you’re looking for something more defining for your hobbies, try searching for orangeries London. The orangeries are different from Victorian designs and are less of a structure that’s made with a majority of glass. Instead, you’ll love the feeling that you get by visiting an orangery. You get the extra space and light, but you also get large windows and glass roofs to create a perfect blend.

You get many choices in the design of the windows and the glasses used in them. What you also get are walls in this new extension so that you may hang pictures or to use them to make it more better. You can hire the service of an expert to decide what will be best suited for your home. You can get more designs and information on modern conservatories London by contacting on websites like