Benefits Of Property Refurbishment Over Property Rebuilding

By : Nick Marr

It is not uncommon for a home to lose its functionality over time. Some homes are old and outdated, while some have outgrown their families. When it comes to building on occupied land, you have two options. You can either refurbish or rebuild. If the overall structure of the building is intact, but the home needs a few changes, property refurbishment has more options.

Lower Cost

When you plan a rebuild of your property, there are several expensive costs to consider. First, there is the cost of the demolition. You would need to hire a crew to knock down your existing structure and clear the entire site. Next, you would need to hire an architect to design the building, contractors to lay the foundation, carpenters to rebuild the home, plumbers and electricians to run wires and pipes, and a team of decorators to make sure that the home look amazing. If the structure of your home is strong, with no serious issues, property refurbishment in London is the least expensive option.


If you are in a hurry to get the updates on your home completed, property refurbishment in London is the better choice. The demolition and clearing doesn’t take too long, however, the rebuild will. You would need to schedule a variety of trades to come to the property and redo everything. This can take weeks, and in some cases, months. Refurbishment is much quicker. The most time-consuming part of refurbishment is stripping away what is no longer wanted. This can be a wall, the floor coverings, or anything else that just isn’t working for you. If you are working on a deadline, or don’t have the patience for a long construction process, you should consider refurbishment. The time that it takes to do this is considerably shorter than the time it takes to do a complete rebuild.

Less Limitation

Anytime construction is being done, you would need to get a permit from your city, state, or county. If you are planning a rebuild, the regulations can be very strict. Getting permits for what you need and want to do can be very difficult. You can face restrictions with the floor space, ceiling height, and parking. It is not uncommon for it to take weeks to get the necessary permits to start the rebuild. When you refurbish your property, the regulations are much more lenient and they are easier to obtain.

Increases the Value of the Property

While a rebuild will increase the value of the property, you are paying a great deal of money to get it done. Often time, the value of the property will be the amount that you put into the rebuild. There are several ways that you can refurbish your property to take the amount that you put into the refurbishment, and double the value of your home. Simple updates like opening up the floor plan, installing new windows, renovating the kitchen and the bathroom, and even building an addition can greatly increase the value of the home. This can be especially beneficial if you are planning to sell your home in the future. A property refurbishment can increase the value by thousands of dollars.

When you weigh the options between a rebuild and a refurbishment, refurbishment has more benefits. The professionals at ASE Construction can refurbish your home so that it increases the look and functionality of your home. They will do the job according to your budget in a timely fashion.