Best USA Cities for Buying Condos

By : Nick Marr

When it comes to buying a property abroad as a foreigner it can be pretty mind-blowing about getting the best location. Researching real estate markets from a computer, getting advice from a friend, attending overseas property exhibition, speaking to real estate agents and learning about local property markets are just some of the things overseas buyers do.

I am going to explore the five best cities in the USA for buying condos. Before I begin the term “Condo” is an unfamiliar phrase for most European buyers. So what is a Condo? The Cambridge Dictionary explains that it is “an apartment building in which each apartment is owned separately by the people living in it, but also containing shared areas”

1.Austin Texas


Austin Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and experts expect that the population will continue to grow for the next few years.

With more and more people looking for places to live, this is a great opportunity for real estate investors. Check out rent trends in Austin, Texas to learn the current rental prices when renting an apartment in the city.

The majority of the Austin real estate market’s strength is owed to the city’s thriving economy. Employment rates are rising and job growth rates are expected to reach 3.6%, while unemployment rates have also improved by 3.4% With more and more people looking for places to live, this is a great opportunity for real estate investors.

Homes in Austin are sold nearly twice as fast as the national average. With a swelling population and desirable jobs, the city has become a promised land for young professionals and growing families. Home values are strong and with sellers eager to close the deal, buyers can look forward to quick decisions and smooth closing. Learn more at Austin’s best condo guide

2. Atlanta Georgia

Based on data reported by the real estate information company Zillow.In 2017 home values in Atlanta, Georgia rose by nearly 10%. That’s well above the national average for annual price appreciation.

  • Population growth: 4.0%
  • Employment growth: 1.7%
  • Increase in home values: 14.1%
  • Rental yield: 5.1%

Atlanta has become a boomtown in America’s southeast, home to Turner Broadcasting as well as a burgeoning tech scene. Some say Atlanta could be the next Silicon Valley.

3.Tampa, Florida


According to the annual study of the PWC, Tampa, Florida is among the top 20 locations in the 2018 US real estate market. Tampa’s population grew by more than 4.6 per cent over the last two years, and its 2.3 per cent employment growth is better-than-average. Another winner for no state income taxes.

4.Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix seemingly never falls off the charts for great real estate investing. This giant metro area features a booming economy with quality job opportunities, shopping, nightlife, arts and entertainment, educational opportunities and more. Forecasted median home price: $267,318. Forecasted price growth from 2018 to 2019: 5.6%

5. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh housing market suggests that home prices will continue rising in 2019. To consider the prospects of investing in the Raleigh NC real estate market, we’ll focus on factors that matter to investors instead of citing the many high quality of life metrics and awards the city receives that draw new residents to the area.