Business 101: How Polyteck Founder Costas Polycarpou In The UK Does It

By : Carol
January 22, 2021

Business is easy when everything runs smoothly, and everything goes as expected. The thing is, every company has challenges, and for it to be successful, it needs plenty of planning. Also, it requires excellent implementation and a lot more (read more).

There are a lot of factors to keep your firm up and running. The following are some of the many things you need to take a look at:

  • Your business plan
  • Your facilities
  • Your people
  • Your business operation
  • Your business evaluation

Let us check the factors mentioned above:

Business Plan

A business plan is your reference whenever you want to start a company. Moreover, it is also your reference while your operation is already running. Remember, everything that your business needs, everything you have to do should be all stated in your business plan. It should include both short term and long term goals.

Included in your long term plan are your company’s mission and vision, your goals, your target. It should also have your “hows” and “whos” in reaching them. The plan should also include your management and leadership styles. Don’t also forget to prepare for plan B, or even plan C!


Of course, you must have all the facilities that are essential for your company. You need to make sure it’s complete, and everything works well. Another essential thing is you need to make sure that you provide an ideal workplace for your people.

If your firm has machines, make sure your people are well knowledgeable in handling them. If not yet, provide training for them to be educated about it. Always check and make sure they are all in good condition. Have an expert check it from time to time and have everything calibrated.


In a venture, people working for it are considered the backbone of the company. You should handle them strategically and take care of them to also take care of your business. You may get excellent advice from experts like Costas Polycarpou, founder of Polytech, about how to handle your people. This is very much applicable especially to those who have big companies with hundreds of employees.

It’s a very simple logic actually: you take care of your people, praise them, give them what they deserve, empower them, and with that, you may expect good results. Many are even saying that many people quit bosses, not jobs. This is how important providing a healthy environment for employees is.

Be careful, though, that you provide them things enough for them to function properly at work and do an excellent job, not an opportunity for them to take advantage.

Business Operations

You always need to check if your firm is still going as planned. Are the targets being met? Are the standards applied? Are the strategies being implemented? Are we still on track?

There is just so much that you need to check while running a company. If the operations are going well, then your company’s doing well. If there are problems during operations, find the right solution.

Business Evaluation

After planning and implementation, here is another essential part of a company – evaluation. This is important because this is the part when you will determine how your firm is doing and if there is more that needs to be done. And this should be done regularly.

In this stage, you check everything—performance of employees, condition of facilities, etc. One popular tool used in the evaluation is the SWOT analysis. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats- all needed to be taken a look at. You determine each, and you will, for sure, come up with a strategy for improvement.

The result of the evaluation may push you to do more. If there are some discrepancies, you may then plan out a strategy. This could be a call for innovation or revision of plans.

Aside from evaluating your company, you must also assess your position against your competitors. See if you are leading or not.

These are all just a glimpse of the many great pieces of advice from Costas Polycarpou, an expert in the UK. He has a lot more great ideas that he wants to share with all entrepreneurs.