Buy Real Estate in NYC on Fodyo – 41 Newel Street

By : europeanproperty

Truly, home is not entirely about the structure that houses you and your loved ones, however, it plays a massive role in what your experience with them will be like. This is why the 41 Newel Street condominiums have been designed to give you the best home experience possible.


41 Newel Street stands with architectural magnificence in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is located right between Queens, Long Island City, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg.


The exterior of the building makes it blend perfectly with the tree-lined landscape of the area and it features even more exquisite details on its interior. This house, without a doubt, was designed with you in mind.

Why You Should Get a Condo in 41 Newel Street

1.    Unique Location

The 41 Newel Street Condos have been specially positioned in such a way that you can easily shuffle between your quiet yet vibrant neighborhood and more bubbly surrounding ones.


Different means of transport such as the New York Water Taxi at India Street, the Bedford Avenue L Train, and the G subway line at Nassau Venue make it possible for you to be at Williamsburg, Wall Street, or Midtown in only a matter of minutes. Think of it as the easiest way to eliminate the stress of transport from a busy schedule at any given time of the day.

2.    Ultramodern Interior

Right from the exterior of 41 Newel Street, you will get a feel of the area’s historic manufacturing and industrialist past. Its interiors also sublimely suit the resident’s sophisticated tastes.


41 Newel Street offers 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and studio apartments with pristine interiors and sleek design. Floor-to-ceiling windows let you take in the splendor of the street’s natural beauty.


The living room areas of the apartments feature a spacious homey design with bourbon walnut matte wide plank, hardwood flooring. Kitchen designs show great attention to detail with frost white quartz countertops and elegant cabinets that fit in just right. Impeccably curated fixtures and fittings from sophisticated brands ensure that you get the best experience in the house as well.


The palatial bathrooms of 41 Newel Street come with:

  • deep soaking bathtubs,
  • French-inspired shower doors,
  • white glazed hexagon mosaic floor tiles,
  • white porcelain wall tiles.


These and so much more have been incorporated to allow you to have a spa session at home. Some apartments even come with a private garden and rooftop terraces perfect for relaxing in the cool of the day.

3.    Picturesque Neighborhood

One of the most exciting things about 41 Newel Street being on Greenpoint is its neighborhood that looks like it jumped right out of a storybook. Trees line the street, filling the atmosphere with fresh air and bringing a piece of nature into the big city.


Although quiet and serene, the neighborhood is one of NYC’s booming neighborhoods with a cool urban vibe and lots of places to relax with loved ones and meet new people.


Beautiful parks, classy boutiques, and prestigious restaurants and bars with exciting nightlife endear this neighborhood to many, making it one of the most sought after in New York. It also features renowned health and wellness establishments, shopping centers, and nearby educational institutions.


Let us help you make a home at 41 Newel Street on Fodyo from wherever you are in the world. All you need is one click and you are on your way to buying the home of your dreams.