Buying a New Property – Are You Sure You know Everything About The Process?

By : Nick Marr

Buying a property is the biggest-ever purchase of your entire life and even a small mistake can cost you large. If you want to emerge successful in the homebuying battle, you have to follow the smartest tricks and strategies that the experts share. You have to haggle with the sellers and squeeze them for more details on hidden costs, you have to know the checklist of a deal-breaker and you also have to know the questions that you should ask a lender before signing the deal.

We’ve compiled a list of the things that you should know before you choose a property or take out a home mortgage loan. Act on it or avoid it at your own risk.

1: Is it necessary that you ‘buy’ a house?

If there was a World Cup for the house price fluctuations, Britain would definitely win the trophy as their house prices have constantly remained high since the last few years. Buyers should take a break and ask themselves what to buy, when to buy and whether or not it is necessary to buy. Is buying a property affordable enough for the buyer? Is this the right decision for the long-term to buy a home? Should you panic over the prices of homes? Since noone knows what’s going to happen, it is better to take a closer look at the bigger picture before ruining your personal finances.

2: Deduce the actual cost of buying a home

While you can use iselect – compare home loans to compare the mortgage rates and other costs, you also have to determine the actual cost of buying a home loan. There are several costs that you need to factor in while taking a decision. The mortgage arrangement fee is something that’s non-refundable even when the purchase falls through. Valuation fee is the fee which is charged by the lenders for a valuation check of the property. Legal fees are included in case you work with a solicitor. Then you have stamp duty costs, survey costs, removal costs, home repairs and many other expenses involved.

3: Don’t settle with the maximum amount they can lend you

Before you begin hunting for a mortgage loan, don’t believe when a lender tells you that you have enough affordability to borrow a certain amount. If you struggle to pay the amount back, the lenders will charge you more for defaulting. You can utilize a mortgage calculator to check exactly how much you can borrow and also check the monthly installments that you have to pay.

4: Look for ways to improve your credit score

Don’t do the mistake of applying for mortgage loans before checking your credit score. There are small mistakes which can lead to rejection and hence you should look for credit repair techniques that can improve your credit score.

Obtaining a mortgage loan is something that you should perform carefully so that you can grab the best deal on the loan. Follow the above mentioned tips to buy the best property within your means.