Designing the Ultimate Home Man Cave for a TV Lover

By : Nick Marr

A Man Cave is the dream of every man.  You may not necessarily have used that name in the past but you have surely dreamt of it at least once. Think of a place where you can retire to after a hard day’s work to watch favourite TV shows on a large screen.  A place to play your video games.  A place to watch sports with your friends etc.  You want a place where you can achieve all of these without any interference from the wife and kids or disturbing the whole neighbourhood.  That is your Man Cave. This piece takes a look at steps to achieving a Man Cave for a TV lover.

Find the right location and fine tune it

The typical positions for a man cave within the home are the loft and the basement. If your home doesn’t offer you these options, consider the possibility of converting that spare room that is empty half the time.

When you have made your decision, the next step is to insulate the space and control the weather. Emotions run high when watching sports on TV for example. An insulated space keeps all noise inside so you won’t be disturbing other occupants of the house even if your friend decides to fire up an electronic guitar inside your cave. You equally want to stay in control of the weather as the loft can get pretty hot during the summer just as the basement can get too cold or even wet.

Install your TV

Flat panel high definition TV is the focus of this Man Cave. You need to ensure your TV is one that doesn’t require you to sit at a certain range to avoid pixelated images.  This is why you should consider getting a 4K Ultra HD TV.  If you simply can’t sit the TV atop a stand in one corner of the space, bring in TV installers to hang it in a prime position. The installers should be able to install high quality TV aerial that will allow you to catch your favourite channels.

“A properly fitted TV and an appropriately installed TV aerial is key to getting the best out of your Man Cave” says Joe at JNB Aerials, TV Aerials Installation experts based in Manchester.

Gaming Console

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are the best available right now. If you don’t have one of these already, you really have to get one of them. Your HD TV will take the gaming experience to new heights and you will get to enjoy gaming sessions without any distractions. Additionally, you and the lads will always have something to do when there is nothing manly on TV.

Philips Hue and IF Combo

IF is an app that takes instructions from you and carries out specific functions when your fixed parameters are met. There are many uses for this app but for a TV lover one of the best uses is to use it in combination with Philips Hue lights and a Sport App. You can tell the app to make the lights flash when your rival sports team scores while you are watching your own team on TV.  It comes in handy on days when there are several games kicking off at the same time and you don’t want to keep refreshing any apps to keep abreast of happenings elsewhere!

Logitech Remote

The Logitech Remote is a smart remote that can work with over 270,000 devices and gadgets. They can control everything from your TV to Philips Hue lights.

Throw in a small sized fridge for your snacks and the right furniture and you have your perfect man cave!