Fab first impressions – 3 tips for impactful home exterior features

By : Nick Marr

Home exteriors can be instantly evocative for guests and potential buyers — creating a positive emotional connection before they even enter the main property.

And if you’ve found your ‘forever home’, making the most of the space around your house can perfectly attune it to a fantastic family life.

If you want to foster a fab first impression, here are three tips for impactful home exterior features.


Patios, balconies and decking areas are ambient architectural features that create a sense of flow and balance with natural surroundings.

Blended appropriately with a stylish exterior, a large balcony is the perfect party spot for sundowner cocktails prior to celebrating into the wee small hours — while a smaller design is ideal for intimate moments with your partner.

And at ground level, a patio or decking area is the optimal space for summer entertainment with barbecues or cosy autumn gatherings around a fire pit or stone pizza oven.

Buying glass balustrades is a brilliant idea for all three options — the combine all the appropriate safety barrier elements with a stunning, uninterrupted view of the scenic hills or seashores that make your home so special.

     2. Tree management

If you’re lucky enough to have purchased a property with large, established garden trees, it’s distressing to be told you may have to remove them because of damage like split trunks or large branches growing at awkward angles.

But don’t despair — there’s a way to save unwieldy trees from threatening the structural integrity of your property or suffering further damage during storms.

Trained tree surgeons can advise on purchasing catenary wire for tree cabling — a long-term above-ground support technique that involves drilling holes in the trunk or branches of affected trees and inserting cable systems that keep them safe and tight.

And skilled arborists often complete cabling in such a deft and discreet manner that cables are almost invisible from ground level.

     3. Container office

When you work from home, it’s sometimes tough to set boundaries between job and family duties when your designated study is too close to your bedroom, kitchen or living room — there are too many distractions at your fingertips.

So installing an office in your garden provides the best of both worlds — you’re close enough to your house for family duties, with enough privacy  for ‘deep work’ that’s best completed in a cloistered environment.

Designing a container office is one of the coolest ways to facilitate remote working and you can either ship it with you when you move home or leave it in place it as an attractive feature that adds value for potential buyers.

Basic models arrive painted, kitted out for electrics and complete with a main window — but a bespoke model can include attractive timber cladding, oak flooring, air conditioning and partition walls for separate rooms.

Follow these three tips for impactful home exterior features and you’ll create a fab first impression for visitors and constantly remind yourself of how unique and special your dwelling place is.

What’s your favourite home exterior feature? Share your thoughts in the comments section.