Famous Barcelona Attractions to Visit when Living in Spain

By : Nick Marr

Living in Barcelona, Spain can give you the freedom you have always wanted to have because you can visit so many attractive places in the city. With an array of charming picturesque places such as museums, attraction centers, famous buildings and other places to visit, it is no wonder you can never experience boredom when living in the city. Since the city’s fame has spread over the years, Barcelona real estate has become popular venues for people to buy and live.

The Picasso Museum Barcelona

Although the famous painter Picasso was not born in Barcelona, he lived there for about nine years and did his first art exhibition there. As a mark of his contribution to the city, the Picasso Museum Barcelona was built. In the museum are famous paintings done by the master painter. Since the museum has had world fame, experts consider it to be among the top 10 attractions in the city. While living in the city, the Picasso Museum is a necessary attraction to visit on your list.

Barrio Gotico

Living in Barcelona, Spain can bring you to the Barrio Gotico where holds many memories. Since its value has become evident to all, many persons today are jostling to buy property close by. As a famous hallmark residing in the city, tourists from all over the world pay yearly visits. In the gothic city are many lovely church buildings, museums and markets where you can spend enjoyable moments in your spare time. Leaving your home from close by and taking a stroll can bring you face to face with old Roman walls where you can stand as well as remiss about old Roman customs.

Modernist Park Guell by Gaudi

As a top ten attraction in Barcelona, Spain, the Modernist Park Guell stands out as one of the most loved attractions in the city where you and the family can go and enjoy the time of your lives. The park is situated on a hill and therefore you may have to do some trekking to reach it. Since Barcelona will be your hometown, the park can easily find its way into your schedule. While on the scene, you can delve into the various delicious dishes sold on the compound or within the surrounding vicinity. Whether, you buy a home or rent a property in the city, your time there will be properly spent.

Tibidabo Hill

Tired of spending too much time at home and want to be adventurous? If your answer to this question is yes, then Tibidabo Hill is a worthy attraction to feast your eyes on as well as spend a relaxing day. This attraction has a famous church there known as the Sagrat Cor Church, which can be found at the top. In addition, at this awesome destination, you can visit the vintage amusement park where you and the family can enjoy a day of fun and frolic.

Living in Barcelona does not have to be boring, not when you have so many wonderful attractions to visit. Your time spent there as a homeowner or renter in the city will be well spent.