Florida Investment Homes are in High Demand

By : Nick Marr

If you have even thought about living in the States and love the sunshine, saltwater, and endless outdoor activities, then Florida offers more than you can imagine. The weather, year-round, is amazing, the waterways are clean, calm, inviting, and locals are the first to say they live in paradise.  So, it’s no wonder people are flocking to the Sunshine State, and making Florida investment properties in high demand.

Traditionally, Florida’s real estate market has maintained a decent value throughout most major cities. In recent years, some interesting places, like the Treasure Coast and Orlando, have seen increased home values in excess of 10% or more. These cities are the perfect place to invest in a vacation home that doubles as a real estate investment, as well.  Now, people from around the world can buy properties to enjoy while on vacation, and have its value increase over the years, too.

Stuart, FL Waterfront Condos

When you think about waterfront condos, the first thing to come to mind may be that they are very expensive to purchase. However, Stuart, FL waterfront condos may be more affordable than you think.  Situated on some of the most beautiful coastlines in Florida, Stuart offers miles of pristine beaches and untouched waterways. The area is bustling with wildlife, and Stuart is known as the sailfish fish capital of the world because of the abundance of these magnificent creatures just off the coast. In fact, yearly fishing tournaments bring anglers from around the globe who compete to catch the biggest fish and win a large cash prize.

The area is built around the coast, and anyone who enjoys the freedom of leaving your front door and being in a boat on the water within five minutes will love Stuart, Florida.

The condos for sale in Stuart range from small, one-bedroom apartments set on the St Lucie riverfront, to expansive beachfront buildings overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with breathtaking views. In 2019, prices are roughly from $200K to $400K, and up.

With a booming economy and rising real estate prices, Stuart makes an exceptional investment opportunity for those who want the beach lifestyle, at an affordable price.  Plus, when you’re not in town, you can rent your condo for high prices during season, which runs from about December to March.  Some waterfront condos demand upwards of $3,500 per month rent at the height of the season in Florida, and there’s no shortage of renters around to ensure your financial gains will come through.

How to Invest in Florida Real Estate?

Of course, there are many online resources on which you can see active real estate listings in Florida. Some of the most well known are Zillow, Trulia, or Realtor.com.  However, in most cases, it’s considered the best practice to consult with a local Realtor that ‘farms’ (specializes in ) the city you like. In most cases, they have an intimate understanding of the local market, homes, and communities, as well as trending real estate values. They can help you gather the right information to make the best decision, both financially and personally.

If you’re not ready to engage with a Realtor, that’s OK, you can simply look online at the homes and condos for sale, and keep looking until you’re ready. This way, you can stay informed and have an idea of the type of property you can afford and the best areas in which you wish to live.

When Can I Expect a Return on Investment (ROI)?

Depending on your motivation for wanting to invest in real estate will greatly determine when you can expect an ROI.  For instance, if you’re buying a waterfront condo to enjoy on vacation, that’s great. When you’re not using the place then you can rent it to qualified people with good credit and income. You can hire a local Realtor or property manager to take care of collecting rent and maintaining the property while you’re gone.

Of course, you will have to compensate them for doing this, but with Florida’s economy set to increase again this year, the room for you to see a profit is there.

Bottom line is that you can expect an ROI very quickly because these types of properties are in high demand with many qualified people ready, willing and able to buy or rent your investment properties now.