Four Countries in the North-Eastern Hemisphere to Visit This Summer

By : Nick Marr

Summer always seems to be right around the corner; it happens every year. Which means that if you miss the opportunity to travel to an exotic destination this year, there’s always next year and the subsequent years.

Summer is the time of the year mostly used for leisure and relaxation. There’s no doubt you already have a few plans made to ensure that you and your family, fiancée, wife, and friends enjoy the most exhilarating time off work and school.

There are a multitude of options out there for your vacation, countries in the north-eastern hemisphere adorned with captivating landscapes, exquisite resorts, tantalising cuisines, warm beaches, lush green islands, and ancient relics. Here is a short list to make your vacation a delight and help you grow beautiful memories.

  • Italy

Residing in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has long-stretching coastlines, home to many magnificent resorts and villages for a perfect summer vacation. Think about those ancient cities under the Roman Empire, Venice and its stone structures rising out of a marshy lagoon, Pompeii and its excavated ruins, and Capri and its Blue Grotto.

Italy has five autonomous regions, each blessed with its own striking attraction. Sardinia, for instance, is known for its sandy beaches, a mountainous landscape swarming with stone structures dating as far back as the Bronze Age, and spell-binding resorts like Forte Village.

Italy has much more to offer in the way of tourism and should be among the top four destinations for your summer vacation.

  • United Arab Emirates

With many states in the UAE gradually growing into a paradise because of the country’s enthusiasm towards tourism, the region has the world totally enchanted and is bound to beguile you too this summer.

Among the most exotic parts of the United Arab Emirates are Dubai, its towering ultramodern architecture and beautiful man-made islands; culturally-rich Sharjah and its Emirati museums; and Abu Dubai and its cluster of imposing towers.

If you are looking for warm beaches and awe-inspiring resorts, if you are looking to attend the Dubai Summer Surprises festival, if you just want to feel on top of the world right over the Burj Khalifa, then the United Arab Emirates is the country you want to visit this summer.

  • Montenegro

Nestled along the Adriatic coastline, Montenegro is a country of diverse beauty. Its rugged mountains will bring out the hiker in you. Its medieval villages are the perfect depiction of the word ‘quaint’—be sure to visit them with your cameras. And its national park is brought to perfection by limestone peaks, sufficient wildlife, and glacial lakes.

Plus, Croatia and its thousand islands are just nearby.

  • Thailand

If you are looking for an affordable summer vacation, then Thailand is the destination you want to visit. Located in the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, the country will wow you with its labyrinthine alleys of buzzing markets, shops, and diners. The cuisines are enticing and the people are warm.

But then Thailand isn’t all about the food and people. It doesn’t only also treat you to a coalescence of tropical beaches, lavish palaces, temple that are ancient and baroque, and historic ruins, but, with its capital Bangkok, will give you a taste of Asia’s idea of a futuristic city too.