General Causes of High Water Bills

By : Nick Marr

Owning a home comes with responsibilities, the payment of bills is one of the crucial things that you ought to consider.  No one likes paying the bills, but, unfortunately, they are part of life, and you have to get used to them. Water bills, for example, are notorious for draining people’s budget now and then. There are occasions when you end up receiving much higher bills than average, and you are left wondering what could be the problem. 


Without saying much, here are the most common things that could be resulting in higher water bills that you are experiencing. 

1. Price adjustments

When it comes to water bills, the first thing you have to consider is how the bills are charged. Most homes usually have a meter, which takes the readings of the monthly consumptions. Others typically work with a flat rate, which means that you pay a standard figure regardless of the amount of water you consume in a month. 

Whether your house uses a meter or operates on a fixed charge, there are rates to work with as set by your water supplier. These rates are meant to change with time based on many factors, among them, is the economy and taxations. If you happen to receive a higher water bill than before, the first thing you must consider is a change in price. With price changes, there is nothing to worry about, as this will affect everyone in your neighborhood. In such an instance, you only need to adapt to the new price structure. 

2. Leaking water pipe

Your drainage system is an integral part of the house. However, the system is considered perfect while it still works efficiently. On one occasion or another, you may experience a broken water pipe in your house. No matter how tiny the leak might appear, it has an impact on your monthly water bills.

If you encounter higher water bills as opposed to the previous months, the first thing you have got to consider is a leaking pipe. The small drops that see on your pipe, if ignored, can accumulate and see you dig deeper into your wallet. When it comes to dealing with leaking pipes, it’s best to have a professional step in and offer a long-term solution. Having a pro helps you find out more about the root cause of the problem. With a detailed inspection, it’s much easier to prevent a similar problem from appearing again. Besides, professional plumbers can quickly locate hidden issues and those that are yet to emerge. Therefore, having one come to your rescue means that the issue at hand won’t happen again. 

3. Own negligence 

How many times have you ever left a tap running and ended up forgetting? The chances are that you can’t even count the number of times. Unfortunately, the moment you leave a tap running; it means that some bills have to be paid at the end month. When it comes to the misuse of water, the case can worsen, especially when there are kids in the house. Small children love playing with water. If not monitored, they might end up wasting a whole day playing with water. 

These small incidences can see you have to part with vast sums of cash to pay for the water. You can avoid this unnecessary water wastage by investing in taps, for example, that require you to press a knob for the water to run. With such taps, it means that the water can only flow after you press the tap. Once you leave, it means that you won’t have to worry about having left any water dripping. The use of such taps may seem tiring, but it’s worth the investment for individuals who forget things fast.  

4. Season

The truth is that your home’s water consumption may never be standard all year round. There are months when the bills tend to shoot high as opposed to others. If you have a large family, for example, you may experience high water bills when the young ones are on holiday. During these seasons, every member of the house is likely to spend most of the day in the house. With such a setting, it means that water usage will increase during the period. You are, therefore, likely to experience higher water bills during this period. The best you can do is prepare yourself for higher bills during the holidays. 

5. Outdated fixtures and fixtures

More often than not, real estate experts advise homeowners to swap their outdated showerheads and toilets for the modern one. One of the primary reasons why this makeover is recommended is because of water-saving. Modern restrooms and bathroom fixtures are designed to help conserve water in the best way possible. Therefore, if you realize that you are receiving weird water bills, the first thing you ought to consider is the state of your fixtures. If they are outdated, go ahead and perform the necessary changes. The move may seem expensive to begin with but can save you a considerable sum of money in the long run. 

Water bills are at times known for notoriously draining people’s bank accounts. Luckily, if you are cautious enough, you can help reduce the bill with the help of the above mentioned tips. Make sure to avoid all the common reasons why you might be experiencing and you’re good to go.