Homes of Raleigh: Characteristics Of A Great Realtor You Should Look For

By : Carol
December 4, 2020

When it comes to finding a place to call your own, the number one rule states that you shouldn’t dive into it alone. According to an article dedicated to statistics (read more), there are about 1.4 million realtors in the US, but how will you find the cream of the crop? A professional should guide you along the process because of the potential risks and pitfalls you’ll eventually find yourself in.

The importance of real estate agents is often overlooked. A good one knows their job is to find a house that suits your tailored tastes. However, a great one becomes a pillar to lean on when negotiations go awry, become good counsel between two properties, and an honest critic of the house regardless of the profit they might have gained. In other words, the base of a great realtor is integrity.

6 Key Characteristics Of A Great Realtor

  1. Great Communicators

One of the most studied and practiced skills of a realtor is communicating with the buyer as clearly and accurately as possible. However, you should look beyond that. A great communicator is what you need, one that frequently keeps in touch and gives you constant updates of the transaction they might be having at the moment.

Even just little updates for the agent becomes a big deal for buyers that have been in the business for a long time. Delay or even failure to know such a critical piece of information can become fatal for both buyer and agent in the long run.

Real-estate is time-sensitive and having a poor communicator with no initiative to be as hands-on as possible on his sales becomes a recipe for lost opportunities. As a buyer, you should think about this: you’re paying this person to become your representative. Thus, any updates should be delivered asap for your knowledge. If they fail to do that, hiring them would defeat the purpose.

  1. Client-centric

For an agent, their client is top priority. Even if they view it shallowly, the client provides for their food on the table and should be given utmost importance. An agent that fails to put their energy into the client’s concern will find themselves scarce with projects shortly. As a buyer, it’s obvious you want to work with someone sensitive to your needs in the deal.

That’s why it is essential to pick an agent that gives you importance. Those from companies that sell homes from different neighborhoods like Raleigh NC real estate agents are assured to be customer-centric. Since the realtor’s name and the company rely on how the agent acts, both treads carefully to have a better reputation online.

Since buying a home is a big responsibility and can be extremely stressful, clients need assistance. The agent must make sure they’re happy and satisfied with the deals and make sure they feel supported during the transactions.

  1. They Take Initiative

A good agent is expected to call potential buyers for existing properties they think might interest them. On top of that, great realtors, on the other hand, should keep in contact with old clients and continue to chase new ones for a potential sale. This drive to offer their services says it all about the agent: they’re willing to do everything to close that deal and get you that property, plus a discount.

Having a feeble-like agent that can’t even give you a call should be the red flag you’re dreading to find. That can only mean they aren’t capable of being assertive and deliver promised results, even if they can do something about it. Since you and the agent are in a contract and pay them to make the transaction better, you should make sure you get your money’s worth.

  1. They’re Reputable Off And Online

Perhaps the critical thing to make sure, reputation is everything when it comes to an agent. If the company they work for is unreputable, their name will also get dragged in the mud, so look out for those that suddenly went solo after a messy history. A realtor that has had a bad review in their record is said to lose 55% of their potential clients.

Other than you, the buyer, sellers also assess them before a sale. No seller would approve the deal with someone who partnered up with an infamous name.  If asked the most essential trait, sellers find “reputability” as a deal-breaker (see reference: Being a client, research the company or the agent first before diving into business with them.

  1. They Listen To You

Seems simple, isn’t it? You might think you can know even that, but some mistake a good agent that keeps silent just so they can get a word in, and a great agent that keep quiet, processes your comments, and actually offers advice on your concerns. There’s a difference between keeping silent and someone that listens to your concerns regarding the aspect of a transaction.

Similarly, be wary of an agent that speaks so much. Too much that you can barely get a word in, yourself. That is also a sign of being a poor active listener, even if their communication skills are top-notch.

  1. They Give You Client References

As someone confident in their craft, a great realtor won’t wait for you to ask for a reference. They’ll do it themselves during the first interview. A confident agent won’t be afraid to let you contact some past clients to find out the quality of their work. They actually see it as an opportunity to widen their network and prove that they are genuine. Extra points for their reputation.

The last 10 or 20 client referrals will serve as your base to compare to what they claim to be during the interview. Also, take note if they give you the “recent” clients list and not handpicked, with different timeframes. That will provide you with the general and truest view of the way they work and handle clients and sellers.