How Can Something As Simple As Plastic Transform Your Home?

By : Nick Marr


Your choice of material can play a huge part in the costs involved when it comes to renovating your home. More and more people are discovering the wonders of plastic cut to size, and on your next renovation, there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t miss out. Plastic is a very durable material which is rather versatile in it’s uses. Upgrading your home will become full of endless plastic possibilities, and guess what, your budget will barely even have a dent in it! Read on to discover just how you can utilise plastic and make it work in your home.

Home Insulation

Plastic foam insulation (SPF) and other plastic insulation forms are great solutions to insulation in the home. Although this involves getting a professional to get the job done, it will cost a fraction of the price in comparison to other forms of insulation and will work just as effectively. Your home will stay protected and warm all through the year and you won’t have to maintain it often.


Rather than spending extortionate amounts of money on a splashback, you can stick up a coloured plastic sheet of your choice and spend half the price! As well as this, plastic is far easier to clean and install, and is also a lot sturdier than glass or tiles would ever be.

DIY Speakers

All you need to create a speaker is one plastic tube, two plastic cups, a cutting tool and a cutting mat. Firstly, cut a rectangle in the middle of the tube to fir the phone upright, and cut a circle in the middle of both cups at the same diameter of the tube. From here, slide the tube into holes made in the cups then place the phone upright in the tube! Voila! You now have a DIY speaker which has saved you hundreds of pounds.

Plant Pots

There are a variety of different plant pots you can make with plastic, but we have done our research to find you the best ones out there. From growing herbs in a plastic pipe to self watering plant pots, your garden will be completely transformed in an instant. To grow herbs in a plastic pipe, you simply need to slice the top half of the pipe off, and hang them on hooks along a wall or near a window. Place the soil and seeds within the pipe and wait for them to flourish! In regards to self watering plant pots, puncture a few holes in the top of a bottle, then cut the bottle in half. Add water to the bottom half and then place the soil and seeds in the top half.

With just four of the innovative ways mentioned, it is clear to see that plastic really can transform your home and make it stand out. Start your home transformation journey today and you won’t look back!