How Do I Save Money with SMART HOMES?

By : Nick Marr

Smart Homes are shaking things up. It’s changing the way homes are designed. It’s the latest and greatest home technology. But did you know you can use it to save money? Here are a few ways to save money with smart homes.

Smart Security

It’s one of the most used smart products. 62% of American smart home owners claim good security as the top benefit of owning a smart home. Smart security per day will keep the crooks away and save you lots of money.

Water Bills

It’s one of the most precious resources on this planet. About 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by water, but only 2,5% of it is drinkable. Here are some nifty ways to save it and cut the cost of the bills associated with it.

Smart Showers

These inventions are easy to use. It also adds a whole new level of convenience to your life. It may even help to save electricity as well. These units are installed into your shower and connected to your smartphone. You can control the water temperature remotely. Let it run the shower until the water has reached your desired temperature. It will stop the water flow automatically and wait for your arrival to start again. Save your favorite types of showers as recipes. You don’t need to waste any more water whilst searching for that perfect temperature. Smart showers are here to help.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets have multiple flush options. It will determine the necessary actions to dispose of the contents. No more over flushing.

Smart Irrigation

This is perfect for those with a love of gardening. Smart irrigation systems can connect to your phone. Control your watering schedules from anywhere in the world. This device can even save more water by being connected to a grey water system. These grey water tanks will collect water from rain gutters and other safe forms of used water. The computer system is equipped with Artificial Intelligence. It will automatically postpone watering schedules after heavy rainfalls. No more unnecessary gardening costs.

Electricity Bills

It’s almost taken for granted. No modern home runs without it. But have a look at the ways in which you can save the high cost of electricity bills.

Product Efficiency Ratings

Smart appliances have good efficiency ratings. It will do the same job as its predecessors, but it will use less electricity. That’ll make your electricity bill smile.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are very efficient in electricity use. But, you can also control it remotely. Do you often forget the lights on? No problem, just turn it off over your smart light mobile app.

Smart Ovens

Smart ovens are equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. You can operate it from anywhere in with cell-phone reception. Cue the preheating of your oven from anywhere. Or monitor the slow cooking of that delicious holiday roast.

Some smart ovens will even notice when the dish is perfectly cooked. It will immediately lower the temperature to a cooler warming temperature. No more burnt roasts and no more forgetting your oven at a high temperature. Only use the electricity that’s needed with smart ovens.

Gas Bills

45% of American smart home owners save on average $98.30 per month. Here is a way of cutting a large amount off your gas bill.

Smart Thermostats

These units are relatively small and some are easy to install. Its costs can be made up quickly in the savings it produces. Monitor and control your temperature anywhere in the world. This device has helped some households to cut about 20% of its yearly warming and cooling costs.

Smart Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can be extremely expensive. The older generation units are very uneconomical. The latest smart air conditioners are much more economical. You are also able to control it remotely through smartphone apps. You will never forget to switch it off again. And even if you do, you can always turn it off with your phone.

Smart Savings!

Smart homes will make your life easier. It will take some stress off your shoulders and it will make your budget smile. Give it a go!