How Professional Photography Can Help Sell Your Vacation Home

By : Nick Marr

Photography is one of the most important elements involved in selling a home.  If you’ve ever taken a look at a realtor’s website and seen bad photographs (or even worse – no photos of a property at all!); you’ll understand why it’s so important.  Not only can professional photography help to sell your property, but it can also help to attract potential buyers to look at your listing in the first place. If you’re in the process of selling a vacation home, here are some reasons to consider hiring a professional photographer:

1. They’ll Place a Focus on Space and Composition

Professional real estate and architectural photography companies are well versed in composition.  They know how to take photographs of a property that give an idea of the floor plan and how rooms connect to each other – almost like a virtual tour.  Professional photographers will not only be able to show off the space in a property, but they’ll be able to exaggerate it too. All of the features of your property will still be visible, but they’ll ensure that prospective buyers are able to picture themselves in your home and understand where each room is located based on the photos provided.

2. They’ll Use the Proper Techniques and Equipment

It’s not unheard of for your standard realtor to take photographs of a property using their smartphone.  And, even if a real estate agent does have the proper equipment, it’s unlikely they’ll have the training and eye for detail that a professional photographer has.  A professional will make use of a wide angle lens to capture the space in a property and show how rooms connect to each other.  They’ll also make use of flash in addition to natural light to capture the different brightness levels in a property.  They understand how to capture a room perfectly and present it in the best possible way.

3. They’ll Pay Attention to the Weather

Another thing that a professional photographer will do is pay attention to the weather.  Realtors don’t tend to have the time to schedule photoshoots based on the weather, but a professional company will.  Many will wait until the sun is shining to take pictures as it offers the best natural light. Some will even return to your property if they feel the first shoot wasn’t up to standard.

4. They Understand How to Take Luxury Photos

It’s likely that your vacation home is a luxury property, and in order to reflect this in your photos, you need a professional.  Realtors sometimes struggle to take good photos of standard homes, so you definitely don’t want to trust them with a high value asset.  A professional company will not only be able to take perfect photos of the interior of your home, but they will also be able to make use of drones to capture aerial footage of your property.  Nothing screams luxury more than photos of the grounds taken from above.

If you are selling a vacation home, don’t trust a realtor to take the photos for your listing.  Hire a professional instead!