How to Ace Your First Living Room Remodel

By : Nick Marr

So, you have just bought a new home. You have already unpacked all your stuff, but something is quite off about the living room. It looked fine during the due diligence check, but you suddenly have this feeling that it needs certain improvements. Indeed, remodelling your living room can be an exciting project, but you still need to know how you can get the most out of it.

After all, you’ll be spending precious time and money to upgrade your living room, so why not make use of these resources? Here are the top five things you can do to a successful living room remodel — even if it’s your first!

Give it a fresh coat of paint

Sure enough, the best way to really give your living room a refreshing vibe is to change the color of your walls, or at least repaint using the same tones. Still, it’s much better to give the walls a color update if you’re planning to give the room new life. Make sure to choose trendy color combinations such as apple green and dark green, or pepper grey and white if you want a more minimalist motif. To be sure, you can use paint testing apps that will show you how the living room will look with a particular color.

Add some plants

Plants can give life to your living room. They can also be great stress-relievers since their green leaves can be therapeutic to the eyes. For this, you can always consider potted succulents and aloes which you can place on top of bookshelves or coffee tables. You can also consider placing bonsai plants or fortune plants in a corner.

Update your flooring

Another great way to upgrade your living room is to change the flooring. If you’re not into white floor tiles, you can always consider installing wood floors. One thing’s for sure, hardwood materials are easier to maintain as well as easier to clean, so be sure to find the right contractor to help you source high-quality wood that can last for years. Other than hardwood, you can also consider vinyl floors, since they are more durable and can stand up to heavy foot traffic.

Replace old furniture

If the bookshelves and other wooden furniture have been around for more than ten years, there’s a good chance that they have gone through significant termite damage. That being said, you can always replace old and dilapidated furniture with new pieces. You don’t have to spend much for new sofas or coffee tables though. As long as they work well with the interior of your home, it’s fine to shop around on a budget.

Upgrade your lighting

Your living room can look just as gorgeous at night, and it’s only a matter of replacing your lighting fixtures. You can use low-key lighting or accent lights to highlight certain parts of your living room. Sure enough, this will give the room a more intimate atmosphere that’s perfect for romantic evenings with your partner!