How to Achieve a Quick Sale when Relocating Abroad

By : Nick Marr

You’re moving abroad? That’s exciting news! A relocation to another country is a life changing, experience building move that can help you grow as an individual and expand your knowledge ready for when you head back to your home country in the future – if you decide to!

But how do you achieve a quick sale on your current property when relocating abroad?

The last thing you need is to be waiting around for your current home to sell while you’re itching to hop on that plane and get going! Well, here are a few tips to get that quick sale and remain financially secure while doing so:

Avoid estate agents

The average time for selling a home, through a traditional estate agent, is 65 days and when you’ve secured a new job overseas and a moving in date the last thing you want is to have to hold off on these while trying to sell your property. Avoiding estate agents and opting for a different kind of service can not only save you money on fees but can also speed up the process.

Look into a cash buying service, such as We Buy Any Home, which aims to value your property as close to the market value as possible and deposit the money straight into your bank. You might not receive what your ideal asking price was but you will definitely be able to move out much quicker – in fact, the service will send you a fair offer within 24 hours that you can accept and then let your solicitor deal with!

Lower your asking price

While you might not want to consider taking less money for your property it is sometimes the best way of guaranteeing a quick sale. A great property on the market for a couple of thousand less than another just up the road will definitely sell quicker and allow you to move on.

Offer incentives

If you don’t need certain items of furniture or home accessories then offer these with the property to encourage a sale; dining sets, curtains and blinds, fridges, washing machines and a lawn mower are all good things to offer with the property and appeal to first time buyers who might not have these items already.

Alternatively, let your current property out

If the thought of selling gives you a headache, then an easier option could be to let the property out while you’re living abroad. It’s not ideal if you need the money from the sale for your purchase overseas but if you can afford it you can enjoy a little extra income each month and have a letting agent deal with the tenants while you’re away and it should cover your mortgage costs too. It’s a great way of making cash on the side and could prove profitable in the future.

Bonus tip: Use a currency exchange specialist