How to Create a Boutique Gym in Your House

By : europeanproperty

How to Create a Boutique Gym in Your House

Brick-and-mortar stores are slowly dying at the hand of the online shopping, but fancy and high-tech gyms are more alive than ever before. They are not only taking over the space in malls and boutiques once ruled by clothing, books and electronics, but they are also taking over their customers who are willing to invest some serious money into shaping their bodies. If you love the idea of working out in smaller and personalized classes rather than sweating it out with dozens of other people in the same space, you’ll love trendy boutique gyms that cater to people like you. From very simple to very high-tech workouts, boutique gyms provide people with a completely personalized experience and great fitness results.

However, if you don’t want to spend that much money on workouts, you can try to create your own boutique gym at home. Here are a few must-have items that will allow you to get an effective yet lux workout.

Copy the basic concept

Boutique gyms focus on productivity, so you can forget workout sessions where you finish one exercise and switch to scrolling Instagram or run half-heartedly on your treadmill. Most boutique workouts follow a circuit training routine that involves period of high-intensity activity (45 to 50 seconds) and periods of rest (10 to 15 seconds). All that you need for effective high-intensity interval training is 15 to 30 minutes of exercise which is great if you need to work out in a pinch. Copy the basic concept of boutique gym workouts and try to welcome them to your home.

Equip your space

Depending on your workout preference, you’ll need to equip your space with certain gear. If you prefer body-weight exercises, you’ll need a good yoga mat or an exercise mat. Those who love a little help from equipment can grab a few resistance bands, light dumbbells and some medicinal balls. Runners will need a treadmill while those in love with spin classes will need a stationary bike. Think about your preferred exercises and equip your home boutique gym accordingly.

Add your specialty touch

Every boutique gym class has something special that keeps the users wanting for more. Some gyms choose to introduce heart rate monitors, while others include barre bars. Make sure to add a signature element to your home gym that allows you to personalize your workouts and keep them fun and dynamic. For instance, if you’re all about yoga, make sure to invest in lux yoga mats, best foam rollers and bricks for best comfort and performance.

Get some high-tech gadgets

Boutique gyms are all about high-tech luxury, so a fancy gadget or two is a must. If you love to spin, you’ll love the new Peloton bike that provides you with a killer cardio workout and unlimited live and on-demand classes on Peloton Digital. If you love dynamic workouts like HIIT, you need to invest in smart MIRROR through which you see top trainers teaching classes while you mirror their movements. You can filter through levels of fitness and find workouts that are safe for you. Your gadgets will not only ensure more practical workouts but also make training more fun and exciting.

Set the mood

Boutique gyms offer top-notch experiences, so your home gym needs to be special, welcoming and luxurious. Pay special attention to your lighting—make it dim and practical. Equip your space with an amazing sound system that will allow you to blast your fave tunes. For relaxing cool-downs, you can provide your space with essential oil diffusers filled with some lavender or chamomile, light some candles and add cozy pillows for stretching and mindfulness exercises.

When you don’t have time to hit your nearest boutique gym, you can easily do your workout at home. If you take some notes from fancy mall gyms, you’ll achieve the same results and take your fitness up a notch.