How To Keep Your Home Safe In Winter Months

By : Nick Marr

It is a sad truth that the colder months are prime time for robberies and house problems. Not only this, but occasions such as bonfire night are clear indicators that the house is empty and the family are out. With the combination of robberies and freezing weather, homes are far less safe in winter months than they may be in summer months. Avoid having to fork out extortionate amounts of money for repairs and take these tips into consideration in order to keep your home safe in the quickly approaching winter months.


The following points are security measures that you can take in order to minimise the risk of a break-in.

1.Update Your Security System: If you haven’t checked your current security system in a while, then it is certainly beneficial to run a few tests to make sure it is working correctly. If your system seems outdated and has a few flaws, consider investing in a new security system – preferably with CCTV cameras. This’ll scare potential robbers off.

2.Give The Illusion of an Occupied Home: Leave lights on when you are out of the house to give the illusion that people are indoors at all times. It gets dark very early throughout winter months, so ensure that you have lights with timers enabled.

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3.Keep Valuables Out of Sight: Don’t tempt criminals by having your flashy belongings in plain sight. Make sure that your valuables are well out of the way of windows and kept in safe storage.

4.Hire a Global Guardian: If you are going to be away for long periods of time, particularly in winter, consider the idea of Global Guardians. They are assigned to vacant properties and live in them for the agreed period of time, ensuring that the property is kept running.

Weather Problems

Harsh weather conditions can make your home a very vulnerable place for a variety of reasons. If you are moving properties then don’t forget to look out for these signs too, as you may find yourself with a hefty bill for repairs that should’ve been sorted before moving day!

1.Check Piping: Regularly check your pipes to make sure that they aren’t frozen or burst. If your pipes are looking a bit worse for wear then it may be time to consider purchasing stronger piping with proper insulation before the winter months approach.

2.Service Your Boiler: Service your boiler before you face the stress and problems that come with no heating or hot water when it’s ice cold outside. Investing a small amount for a boiler service will be far easier than having to pay out for an emergency new boiler.

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3.Clear The Gutter: Gutters can become clogged in cold months when there are constant falling leaves and risk of water overflows. In a worst case scenario, there could also be ice clogging the gutters which would then result in serious injuries.

Prepare for those winter months like never before and ensure your home is at no risk of any trouble this winter!