How to Know When Your Porch Needs a New Roof

By : Nick Marr

At your home, a porch can be a valuable place on which to enjoy the summer breeze or sights and sounds of wildlife, Bob Vila notes. You could especially easily enjoy your porch if it is shielded by a roof, as this would spare you exposure to many elements.

However, over time, you might notice issues with your porch roof – and arranging for that roof to be replaced could be the best solution. Here are warning signs that you should particularly look out for.

The roof has started leaking

If you have recently noticed water trickling from the porch roof, you should closely inspect that roof to make sure that it really is at fault for the leak. As cautioned by Tom Silva of This Old House magazine, water can take unexpected paths capable of shrouding a leak’s true origin in mystery.

Does that porch have a finished ceiling? If so, remove some boards to let yourself see the underside of the roof sheathing. It might show water stains that help you trace the leak’s location. If the roof has a low pitch, you might need to detach all of the roofing in your search for the problem.

You might discover that the flashing, rather than the actual roof, is causing the problem. This could be especially the case if the trickle is from where the roof meets the house. Rest assured that, if the flashing is damaged or corroded, we can repair it.

Water and debris are trapped on the roof

You might be unsure how to check the exterior layer of your porch roof safely. However, at Findley Roofing & Building, we can check that part of the roof on your behalf – without charging you any fee. This service is available from our roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne and other parts of the North East.

After checking the roof, we will inform you of our findings. These may include water and debris which appear to have been left sitting on that roof surface. Such deposits can develop over time if the porch is near trees and vulnerable to heavy rain. Furthermore, the problem could be exacerbated if your porch roof uses a low slope, as SFGate cautions.

The pitch does not match that of your other roofing

Another reason why a shallow pitch can be problematic in your porch roof is that it can be unsightly. The rest of your residential building might use roofing of a steeper pitch – and, alongside that roofing, your porch covering could be rather visually jarring.

There might be a practical reason why you can’t arrange for that porch roofing to be replaced in a way that rectifies this aesthetic issue. In this situation, we would urge you to opt for porch roofing of a shallower pitch than the rest of the roofing; otherwise, the design of your covered porch could end up with an overpowering effect. We can take account of such risk, however; phone us on 0191 417 3422 to learn how.