How to look after your home theatre seating

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How to look after your home theatre seating

Home theatres need to be cared for properly. Not just the audio and visual systems, but even the seating, carpets, and other upholsteries need to be looked after. A home theatre is an expensive part of your home. Look after it and you’ll continue using it for many years to come.

In this guide, we outline the ways to clean your home theatre seats depending on what the fabric/ finish is. Leather requires different treatment to microfibre, and maintaining them correctly will help to keep them looking never for longer.

Vacuuming leather seats is easy and delivers the best outcome

Dust, dirt, and grime will all come off quite easily if vacuumed regularly. If you own leather seats in your home theatre room, vacuuming is the easiest way to maintain them and you can clean your marble floor while you at it. You can purchase special vacuum brushes if they haven’t already been provided with your vacuum cleaner and use a low power setting to avoid scuffing and scratches. If you are not sure which vacuum to buy, You can check out dyson v7 versus v8.

If you spill soda on the chair, immediately use a dry cloth to soak it up. Leaving it to dry will result in a permanent stain. Leather seats are also prone to scratches, but you can buff them by using a cloth made of Chamois (a soft and pliable material made from sheepskin). Under no circumstances should you use harsh chemicals on leather as it will immediately damage it. Also avoid having your leather chairs in the sun as this bleaches the colour and weakens the structure.

Maintaining seating made from vinyl 

If you have vinyl seating instead of leather, cleaning is quite simple. As the material is quite durable, it can withstand most marks and spills. However, they should be cleaned with a mild dish soap mixed with water every few months or as you notice dirt. Concentrate on the seams with a soft-bristled brush and then wash with clean water. Sunlight doesn’t damage vinyl like it does leather, so you can wipe down and leave in the sun to dry. If you don’t want to expose them to sunlight, then use a dry clean towel to pat it dry.

Microfiber seats need special care 

Although microfiber is built to be stain-resistant, they need to be cleaned and maintained as well. Apart from vacuuming them regularly, you should also use rubbing alcohol on them to help remove any stains or marks. Spray the alcohol on them and then wipe with a clean dry cloth, before fluffing the seating back again with a scrub brush. If you don’t have a scrub brush, then just use the scrubbing side of a new dishwashing sponge. It works perfectly.

What about seating made of fabric?

Although fabric seating is discouraged, sometimes the décor of the home theatre might demand it. To ensure a long life for this type of seating, use a vacuum cleaner on it regularly. Any stains, spills, or marks should be cleaned immediately with a dry cloth. Use a stiff-bristled brush to break up any spots as they might leave a mark. Don’t brush too hard as that will damage the fabric, and check the manufacturer’s tag for any other special cleaning instructions.

With these basic tips, you are sure to maintain your home theatre seating for thousands of viewing hours.

There is huge amount of home cinema seats available today.  If in doubt, check the manufacturer’s instructions, for specialised advice.