How to make an Investment in Airport Car Parking

By : Nick Marr

As well as property, today’s investors are now able to invest in alternative assets, such as car parking spaces at major international airports, and with that benefit from the high demand for such facilities.

When travelling, for example, one must consider getting to the airport and the costs of parking.

The scenario is not unfamiliar, with passenger numbers increasing; naturally car parks on site will also see an obvious increase in demand. So much so that the car parks operated by Park First at Glasgow Airport have seen an average occupancy rate of 92% for the year 2014 spread over 4,500 parking spaces.

This, however, was not a unique year; in fact, this level of demand has been a common pattern since the car parks started operating 15 years ago.

Based in Burnley, the company has developed a strategy for buying up car parks at major international airports and then packaging portfolios for investors without the hassle of the investor doing the work. All of the Park First investments benefit from a management team which has decades of experience in running those very car parks. Take, for example, Glasgow; the day to day management of the car parks is by a company called Airlink Group, who have positioned themselves as the largest operator of airport parking in Scotland.

Park First is owned and operated by its parent company Group First, in business for 16 years with almost £2 billion under management spread across car parks, storage centres, business centres and a multitude of residential developments. The company has a business model that is second to none.

How to become an investor in airport car parks

Each car parking space is available at the investor price of £20,000 for a limited period only, since there are very few units remaining.

All that is required is for you to request further information on the Park First investment from FJP Investment Ltd.

The team at FJP Investment specialise solely in Group First products, and as such, is able to assist interested investors from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free investment process with all the help you need from start to finish and beyond.