How To Move Abroad Without The Hassle

By : Nick Marr

Moving house can be stressful enough when you are just changing postcodes, but that stress can be multiplied tenfold when your move is taking you across seas to another country.

According to a United Nations report the number of Brits moving abroad has soared in the last decade to the highest number ever. Now, more than 5 million people born in the UK have emigrated. Top countries for Britons to move to include USA, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Germany and Italy, with almost a quarter flying halfway round the world to live in Australia.

There is far more to moving abroad than packing up a suitcase and heading into the sun to spend time on a beach sipping cocktails. Not only do you have to prepare yourself to adjust to a completely different language or culture, you will also have the practicalities of moving to a different country to take into account.

So how do you do it without any hassle? Well, here are a few tips that will help to make your move abroad as seamless and easy as possible:

1. Organise your possessions

One of the most important parts of a move is transporting your belongings safely from your current house to your new house. First you need to find a removal company; if you are moving within Europe then you could hire a professional removals firm, ‘man with a van’ or rent a van yourself. If your move is long haul then a professional remover or shipping company is your best option.

You won’t realise how many possessions you have until you pack them up to move. This is the perfect time for a clear out, because taking items you no longer need will not only waste time but also money! If you don’t want to take everything with you – perhaps while you give it a few months to make sure the move works out – why not put it into storage? Kelly’s Mobile Self Storage can deliver a storage pod directly to your home and provide packaging to keep your belongings safe. Once loaded, they can take it away and store them for you until they are required.

2. Get your paperwork in order

Firstly is your passport in date? You won’t get very far without it! Ensuring all paperwork is completely organised as soon as possible is important, as it won’t necessarily be easy to sort out anything you have forgotten once you have left the country. This includes the documentation that you require for the country you are moving to as well as any relevant companies that you need to inform of your move. Create a folder where you can keep all your important documents in order, together – and safe.

3. Everything else  

Check list moving abroad

Create a logically ordered checklist of everything that needs doing ahead of your big move – even those tasks that seem obvious, because it will be easy to forget even the most important details during the hectic weeks beforehand. Include everything from selling or renting out your current house all the way through to saying your goodbyes to friends and family. Then, in the months leading up to the move you can tick each thing off as it is completed to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

The most important thing when moving abroad is to organise everything as soon as possible. Then as your moving date gets closer, you can be excited about starting your new life as opposed to worrying and stressing about the administration details.