How to Plan a Home Renovation Project?

By : europeanproperty

How to Plan a Home Renovation Project?

Renovating your home can be both exciting and stressful. A plan is needed to not only make sure that you get the job done, but it should be implemented to get it done in good time. If you take the time to set up a timeline and think deeply about what you want to get done, home renovations can be a great way to achieve the house you truly want without paying out the nose for a mortgage. To make the job run smoothly, you need a schedule, especially if you plan on continuing to live in the house. Below are some tips to help you plan a home renovation project.

Make a Checklist
One of the most important things to do when you are going to renovate your home is to start by making a checklist. Improving your home’s value and overall condition is very beneficial, but you want to make sure that you actually get what you set out to do done. Having a list of everything you need to do is imperative to making sure that all the things get done on time.

Determine your Budget
To make a renovation worth the effort, you should stick to your budget and work hard to get your money’s worth. Standard renovations usually cost between $50,000 and $80,000 for an average flat, but you should have a sizeable margin to make sure you don’t go over budget. Do some calculations beforehand to find out what exactly it will cost. Think about supplies, outside labor, and even expenses you will need to pay for if something were to go wrong.

Assess the Renovations
You should definitely assess the condition of the property before you get started on your renovation. Contacting a chartered surveyor can really help you get an idea of what the house’s condition is like and what you will need to do to fix it up.

If you are buying a fixer-upper, you should check for infestations, water damage, drainage problems, and more. Getting a measured survey will give you a precise scale drawing of the layout and will help you plan ahead.

Reduce Costs
If you’re on a low budget or simply want to stay within a reasonable range, think about avoiding elaborate tiles, extravagant designs, expensive bathtubs, and platform beds. When you are buying materials, it is also helpful to approach manufactures directly. Is it often cheaper than purchasing supplies from a middle man.

Think about Insurance
Though you may have already purchased home insurance for your property, when you are taking on renovations you will need to make sure that they are covered by your policy. A lot of insurance companies are extremely reticent to cover anything related to a renovation.

The experts at MoneyPug, which is a website used to find the best home insurance, you should be open with your insurance company about what you are doing and you will have a much better idea of what you will need to make sure you’re changes are covered. The insurer will tell you what they cover and what they don’t. Use this information to find proper insurance that will cover you if there is an accident or if damage occurs to the home.

Prevent Damage
Even after you take out proper insurance for your renovations, you should take steps to prevent damages to the property. Especially if the project in question has been unoccupied for some time, deterioration is likely. Some problems include broken windows, water damage on the ceiling and walls, as well as defective roofing. Whether or not the property has been neglected, you should take steps like boarding up windows, covering any possible leaks, and protect against spillage from chemicals and paints.

Whatever your renovation plans, you should take steps to plan out the project room-by-room. Having a set timeline will change everything. Making sure you get a specific renovation done by a certain time will provide enough breathing room to move on to the next portion of the project. Be steadfast, plan ahead, and think about the unexpected. Not only will this level of planning give you peace of mind, it will facilitate the project as a whole—making it cheaper, more efficient, and more productive.