How to Prep Your Property for an Open House

By : europeanproperty

An open house event is one of the effective ways of winning house buyers. However, the process is not always easy, considering that you are trying to capture the unknown audience’s interest, with different expectations and preferences. For the best results, you should prepare to spend a significant amount of money and time to make the home the perfect spot that anyone will love.

You should also make timely preparations to make your home more attractive and increase its value. But how do you go about it? Here are tips to guide you in preparing your property for an open house. Check them out.

Gut check your home

Make the necessary improvements that would make the first good impression. Refresh the old paints, replace roofing, clean, and replace the water in the swimming pools Also, replace the garage doors with new ones, remove old vehicles, and use other property from the compound.


You should eliminate anything that would negatively impact anyone who sees the home at a distance before the official launch. Your building’s external appearance and landscape play a crucial role in attracting viewers. All viewers can spread the gospel about your home or even buy it.

Check the drainage system

Your drainage system can either attract or send customers away. Nobody would love to buy a home with old taps and drains as they can become breeding zones for bacteria and other pathogens. Call a plumbing professional to inspect and unblock any clogged drains.


Well maintained drains will convince potential buyers of high hygienic standards and hence make them more comfortable. According to the Santa Ana plumbing professionals, a drainage specialist can assess the inlet and drainage hoses and recommend the sewerage treatment. They can also advise you on the plumbing services needed to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer.

Work on the interiors

You want to convince the potential buyers that your home is the center of their comfort. Refurbish your house with a new floor and furniture. Concentrate on features that increase the internal space and add glamour to the home. For instance, you can paint the insides with bright colors that closely match the house furniture.



Clean the windows and fit them with the right curtains. You can also replace the window glasses to create a brand new look. Pack and remove any old property from the insides as they may create a wrong impression. Check also on the beddings, cabinets, and ceilings. Aim at making the house interiors look as if they have never been used before.

Create awareness

Potential customers will not come to see your property unless you inform them about the open house in advance. It is thus essential to do proper time planning on the sequence of your events. First, take the time to make the above preparations, and then advertise the open house.


However, the actual dates for the open house should not be abrupt. Give your customers enough time to plan for their issues. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for advertising your open house.


All you need is to use a high-quality camera to take your home’s best shots and share them with accompanying information on such platforms. This strategy will expose your home to millions of customers through views and referrals. You can also use any other promotional strategy provided that it gives you broad access to potential customers.

Seek customer insights

You may have to host several open house events before you get a buyer for your home. If the first one doesn’t work, take customer contacts and their insights about your selling home. Such ideas will help you in making the necessary changes.


If you receive complaints about the high pricing from more than six customers, you probably need to reduce the price to make the house affordable. An effective way of collecting customer insights is by directing customers to your website using links. The site will help you identify areas that need improvement to make the house saleable. Always inform customers of the new enhancements when planning for the next open house, and you would undoubtedly win several customers.


As you can see, planning for an open house needs commitment. You need to plan and make the necessary home improvements, such as repairing drainage systems and general refurbishing interiors. You also need to create awareness about the open house to increase the chances of winning a potential customer. If you don’t succeed at your first attempt, seek customer insights to make the necessary improvements, and be rest assured of achieving your goal.