How To Renovate An Old-fashioned Living Room On A Budget

By : europeanproperty

Is your old flooring giving way to cracks and seepage? Are those flaky old wooden cabinets catching the eye of every visitor? Living in an aging home is not only embarrassing but also worrisome and expensive.  There’s no saying when that kitchen sink will break down, leaving a bit hole in your pocket for the repairs. Those run-down windows can give way to the next seasonal storm giving your living room a wash-off! If you’re tugging along in a dilapidated home for the fear of renovation costing you a fortune, we have good news for you! Renovating on a budget is possible, and dare we say, a fun challenge to take up. Let’s start with your living room. Here are basic ideas to revamp your living room without sacrificing your yearly vacation or digging a hole in your savings!

Re-Use Existing Wood

The front of your cutlery closet may be giving way, but look a little deeper and you may actually find planks of wood that are a good as new. Often times, wood the is exposed to wear & tare, humidity and dust is likely to run down sooner than other surfaces in the same fixture. Don’t hesitate to use parts of a cupboard, shelf or any wooden furniture that can be broken down. This reduces your raw material cost by a large chunk, and helps you recycle existing products in your living room that still have life left in them.

While you may have to spend a buck on labour to dissect your furniture to retain parts that are in good condition, it’s well worth the effort if you have a lot to change in your living room and a large ground to cover.

Make A Feature Wall

The easiest way to infuse some freshness in your living room is by converting a drab wall into a feature wall. The great thing about this idea is that you can use this feature wall to display just about anything you feel like. Some framed memories, your favourite art, your child’s trophies, your favourite books – you name it! Don’t hesitate to make this wall as busy as you like,  provided you downplay the other walls in your living area. Pour in your personality and your treasures as a family in this wall to make it the life of your living room. One of the many advantages of a feature wall is that it doubles up as a storage area to flaunt all your prized possessions, memories and artifacts.

Replace The Upholstery of Your Couch

The threads or sheen of your couch may be giving way, even the cushioning may have become a tad old, but that doesn’t mean the wood inside is worn out. A great cost saving hack is changing the cushioning and fabric for a couch make over, while retaining its frame. Not only does this save you the big outlay of buying a new couch, it also helps retain the same floor layout of your living room with the same sized couch. That saves you the trouble of finding another couch to exactly match your living room space. Changing the upholstery also throws open tremendous opportunities for you in terms of customizing your couch and infusing your personality into its design.

Go All-Out For Your Front Door & Entryway 

Remember, first impressions last. So if you’re looking to make a lasting impact with you home renovation, begin strong with your front door. Spent that extra buck to make your front door the star of your home. While those who enter your home will be mighty impressed, even passers-by won’t fail to notice your elegant front door from the outside. There are various front door options, make sure you choose a front door that is right for your home. You could round off your front door by adding a strong punch to you entryway. Go with an catchy coat Hanger, a statement mirror on the wall and an elegant foot stool to complete the look. Well begin is half done, and your pretty home will certainly begin well with a front door to reckon with.

Don’t Hesitate In Opting For Imitations

If that expensive designer rug has caught your fancy, you don’t have to break the bank to get it home. Instead, look for imitations in online stores, local markets or even thrift stores. Remember, it’s the look that matters, and not how much you have spent to buy it. Don’t hesitate to opt for imitations of your favourite designs for curtains, rugs or even wallpapers. Not only will it give you your desired look, but it will also cost you a lot lesser than the original that may have stolen your heart, but will leave a big dent in your budget.

Put The Money Where It Matters

Go the extra mile for those parts of your living room that are likely to grab the attention of visitors and home owners alike. That storage cabinet tucked away behind the coats rack could do without a face lift. Likewise, your child’s play area at the far end of the hall can wait for a revamp until he’s old enough to not make a mess. But, areas that are in the immediate line of vision can get a larger share of the renovation pie to make a bigger impact.

If your family is big on television time (who isn’t!), investing in a modern entertainment unit can make the entire vision worthwhile. If your idea of having people over involves watching a show together, a new entertainment unit can give your entire living room a face lift. Likewise, pump some extra funds in your dining area by opting for some antique lighting, having some indoor potted plants or getting a catchy new wallpaper. You don’t have to uproot and replace everything in your living room, you just have to make a change in places where it matters the most!

We hope these handy hacks help you along the way of your home improvement exercise! Happy renovating!