Is it Time to Transform Your Conservatory?

By : Nick Marr

Do you remember the late 1970s? The popular warble of Demis Roussos on the 8-track while you prepare a great dinner party. You are carrying a fantastic tray of prawn cocktails through to a new conservatory, the envy of your friends and neighbours, prior to your guests’ arrival.

Well, the extension could be a bit chilly even on a summer night, but luckily, you are wearing a heavy kaftan.

Most conservatories constructed about twenty or thirty years ago aren’t fit for purpose today. Probably when you purchased yours, you needed an extension you could use any time of the year: somewhere cool during the summer and somewhere warm during the winter.

Unfortunately, you ended up with a conservatory that left you freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer.

Approximately 10,000 conservatories were installed in 1976. Though it might sound ‘too late’ to upgrade over 40-years-old aluminium conservatory, there are many things you can do to upgrade it to exactly whatever you need.

Keep in mind that according to conservatory specialists Contemporary Structures installing a conservatory today means you are likely to own something more like an extension instead of an occasional garden room. This will offer you the year-round space you have always desired.

The temperature extremes

First, think about replacing the glass in your conservatory. Advancements in technology help keep these spaces cooler during the summer by reflecting the heat away and hotter in the winter by keeping the heat in.

Though invisible to the eye, these days, window panes have microscopically thin coatings that can reflect the sun rays and probably stop the harmful UV rays that might stream into your property.

These amazing glass coatings have made conservatories more liveable all year round. Some glass coatings have been named ‘Four Seasons Glass’.

Note that these amazing coatings never existed ten years ago. If you are planning to transform or your conservatory, consider using materials that can prevent extreme temperatures.

Thermal efficiency

Perhaps you might be getting tired of those aluminium sliding doors installed at the far end of your conservatory. However, building laws and regulations might not allow you to replace them perhaps because you will lower the structure’s thermal efficiency and end up introducing a cold spot at the back of your house. And you already know that this means higher energy bills.

One of the most effective solutions is to replace the roof. Consider having solid tiles or even a combined glass and a tile roof. This can make your conservatory a seemingly seamless, open-plan part of your home, rather than a bolt-on.

On-trend colours

When upgrading your conservatory, the frame itself is the final thing you should consider. When improving the frame, you can also consider improving the structure’s wall frames with bricks.

This will result in a more of an extension appearance. Today you can choose complimentary conservatory colours including on-trend Chartwell green or anthracite. Back when it was the ‘Abigail’s Party’ era, having this glass box was novel in its own unique right while most people today ask if it is in keeping with the entire fabric of the construction.

Lastly, this is how you can enhance your conservatory to fit your current lifestyle.