Moving Abroad? Can Your Possessions Move with You?

By : Nick Marr

Maybe you have decided you are definitely going for that long vacation to Madrid next month. Or it may be that you got admission for your master’s degree or PHD in Athens university. It could even be that you bought a property in Italy and are taking the big step of relocating.

Whenever moving country two issues often come to mind about your possessions. How to safely move your things abroad, and how to guarantee the belongings you leave behind will be safe in your absence.

Have you considered asking a neighbour to watch over the latter? And have you also considered getting an  expert locksmith to reinforce your trust in your home’s locks and install a burglar alarm that would alert your neighbours in case of an intruder?

All that remains is deciding what to take with you and how to deliver them to the foreign country where you are going to make your new home. Here is a list of things you can consider to make your relocation less of a hassle.

  • Start sorting

To make this stage smooth, you ought to have acquainted yourself with the prices in your destination country. That way, you can avoid electing things that are cheap abroad but are heavy or big enough to unreasonably increase your moving expenses. For instance, unless your mattress can be folded properly, moving one can easily take up space for other important items you want to bring with you.

In the end, it’s all about relevance. Select those items you can’t do without or buy cheaply abroad.

  • Host a garage sale

This can be a great way to release some of the possessions you can do without and earn some money on them, especially if your moving is permanent.

Here are some tips on hosting a garage sale.

  • What about import duties?

Research your destination to understand their restrictions on moving your household goods into the country. Some countries will tax certain items like electronics while some others may prohibit specific items entirely.

  • Choose a removal company

There are many international removal companies out there. Some are genuine, and others are notorious for missing or delayed delivery. It’s thus up to you to do you research well before selecting the removal company that will move your possessions abroad.

While price is one of the main factors you might want to consider, always make sure that the removal company you choose is a member of the FDI and that they have the ISO 9002 certification.

  • Insurance

Most shipping companies’ services come with insurance policies. The insurance cover is sometimes automatically inside the shipping fee. So it’s always important to read the terms and conditions of the moving company you want to hire. Also, verify whether your native country’s insurance policy covers your property while they are abroad.

  • Clearing your possessions through customs

This might be difficult if you choose to go it on your own, especially if you are not fluent in the destination country’s language. It thus makes sense to make sure your removal company covers this. Any removal company that offers door-to-door services should be able to clear your belongings through customs.

  • Can you bring your pet?

Check with the embassy of your destination country to verify if you are allowed to enter the country with your pet. If you are, then your pet must:

  • Be microchipped.
  • Have been vaccinated against rabies recently.
  • Have a pet passport issued by your veterinary doctor.
  • Not have visited an unapproved country. Otherwise, it will have to undergo a blood tests in an approved laboratory.

These are just the general rules. Some countries may have stricter requirements

Assistance dogs can ride along with you in the plane’s cabin. Other pets will normally need to go in a special area in the hold.

A lot of moving abroad comes down to planning. It’s about finding the best providers to help you with your move, and tacking and the issues that could cause you stress head on.