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Because floors are an asset to your home (buying or renting), it makes sense to want to protect them from scuffs, dings and scratches whenever you’re moving furniture.

The last thing anyone moving would want to do is move into a new home with a damaged floor. Also, you need to consider extra expenses involved with causing floor damage. You will either be charged a bill for damages, or you will lose your security deposit.

Here are some protective measures you can take to prevent needless floor repair costs.


  1. Put a Doormat Outside the Entrance

Using a dirt trapper outside the front door will keep will trap any water, dirt or other debris while you are traveling in and out of the house. Also, you can use

A non-skid surface protector to absorb water and to prevent snow and mud from being tracked within the house. Instead of wearing shoe booties, try E-Z Floor Guard shoe protector. This product is placed at the entrance and traps any dirt and other debris that’s on your shoes when you walk across it.


  1. Use a Surface Protector to Keep the Rooms Clean

Surface protection does not need any adhesive to stick to the floor. All you do is place it where you want it to be, and the material stays in place. The material can be easily cut, and you can use it on the bottom of your furniture to prevent any scratches while moving. The material will come off easily after you position your furniture pieces in the desired spot in your new home,


  1. Door Jamb Protection

If you don’t want to have to pay for damaging the door frame or the door jamb of the entrance where you will be removing your furniture, it’s best to use a jamb protector.  This economical product fits most interior and exterior doors, and it installs easily. As a bonus, a jamb protector can be reused any time you want to protect your door.


  1. Avoid Dragging the Furniture

Moving furniture becomes easier when you use an old blanket or a drop cloth to prevent friction and to make moving the furniture easier. The protection beneath will also prevent scratches. Furniture sliders work wonders when it comes to keeping you from straining. And don’t forget to never bend with your back. Always bend with your knees.


  1. Try Carpet Film

Self-adhesive carpet film is an affordable way to prevent spills, stains and dirt from damaging the carpet. It also protects the carpet from nicks and tears—especially in areas that will experience heavy traffic. This product can be found in most hardware stores, or you can see if your moving company offers this product.


Moving Materials

You will need a variety of moving materials to protect your belongings while transporting them in the moving truck (or your car). Use these products to secure your belongings properly:

  • Bubble and Plastic wrap
  • Carpet film
  • Dirt trapper
  • Floor protection (temporary)
  • Moving boxes (plastic or cardboard)
  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Trash bags

If you consider these moving suggestions, you will eliminate a lot of moving blunders and save yourself some money and time. Also, using quality products will protect the floors (including the carpets) and keep all surfaces safe, so you won’t have to pay for damages to the property.