Moving to Copenhagen: Tips for packing up your kitchen goods

By : Nick Marr

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is full of life and culture. If you are an art lover, Copenhagen is the ideal city for you. It boasts a number of wonderful art galleries for you to explore such as the Danish National Gallery and NY Carlsberg Glyptotek, which displays the work of Picasso, Matisse and many other excellent artists.

When it comes to packing, the most daunting packing task of them all is the kitchen packing. With so many bits and bobs and fragile items it can seem like a huge challenge. However, if you know what you are doing and you have the right materials, you can pack like a pro. Here are some easy tips to follow to ensure that your kitchen packing and house removal go well.

Start early

Don’t, at any cost, attempt packing at the last minute. You will end up packing in a rush and you will certainly regret it when you see the state of things. It is a good idea to start in advance and make sure you have plenty of time on your hands. Don’t rush around and panic. It’ll only make things worse. So wake up early one morning, stick on some old clothes, and get to work.

Stock up

Get plenty of packing materials. You will need lots of boxes in different sizes, bubble wrap, tape, pens and labels. Don’t scrimp and save on the packing materials. Make sure you invest in good quality materials. You will then be able to use them again and again.


Get a pad and pen and write down a list of the items that need packing in your kitchen. Organisation and good planning is a key element. If you want to pack well, you need to plan well.


First of all, before you pack, you want to make sure there’s nothing laying about that you no longer use and need. There really is no point in packing unused items. It is a waste of space and a waste of money. Bag up the things you do not want and take them to your local charity shop. You will be simultaneously doing yourself a favor and someone else a favor.

Sort out items

You want to start off with your larger items like your fridge and cooker. Also, make sure all of your food is eaten up and not wasted beforehand.

Box essential items

Fill a box with essential items that you will need as soon as you arrive in Copenhagen. It will save you a lot of time and energy if you do this. These items might include cutlery, kettles, toasters, and cleaning stuff.


This is a crucial step in packing. How are you going to know what each box contains if you do not label? You must make sure each box is labeled specifically indicating what is in each box. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time and organising when you move to Copenhagen.

It is crucial that you pack your kitchen items well, otherwise you could risk them getting broken. It is not too complicated to pack well. If you follow these basic steps, you will certainly have well packed items for your moving. You do not want to arrive at your new home with boxes of broken kitchen supplies to make sure everything is packed securely. Tape everything up well and don’t put too much into each box. For more moving tips: professional removal company in Kensington