Offgrid – A Cheaper Way of Life

By : Nick Marr

The economy right now is a bit wavy, especially in the big cities where the price of living is going up each year, the only thing that isn’t is our salaries. A lot of people are now looking for somewhere that is cheap and “off grid”. To live off grid you need to buy some land and where better to buy than Canada, land prices are very cheap over there and the distance between your nearest neighbour can be many miles, this makes it the ideal destination.

Why Canada?

Back in 2012, a rural municipality community was selling plots of land for as little as $10 they were selling so cheap because they wanted to increase the dwindling population. They wanted authentic population, therefore there was rules in place.

Read the full story here.

They were so inundated with enquiries that their website crashed with an estimated 1.4million hits. The community did not want people to buy land, sit on it and sell it for profit at a later date so they introduced the following rules:

  • Parties must put down at least $1000 on the property
  • They have 90 days to build foundations or at least a basement
  • 12 month after foundations, a home must be fully built
  • Once the landowner had finished construction they were handed $990 back

For those looking to live off grid, this was the perfect opportunity, for those wanting quick profit, not so much.

Canada Is Cheap And Rural

Living off grid means not living in a huge city that is taxed to the hilt, it also means not needing to rely on government run utilities such as electricity, water supply, food stores and more. Communities have been surviving off grid out in Canada for generations and not much has changed. Performing a quick search online can bring up many opportunities for the wannabe off grider, there is plenty of Ontario land for sale, here is just a couple I picked out.

This 1.28 acre land in Northern Ontario is currently on the market for $15,550.00, though this patch of land does come with access to an electricity supply and also a telephone service so not completely off the grid. It is high in the mountains, dry and already surveyed. It is also just 150 yards from the clear water of Lake Huron’s North Channel,there is also road access. There is also a town nearby which has a Marina where you could quite easily launch a fishing boat and do a days worth of fishing whenever it takes your fancy.

Land like this is so easily built upon and “out of the way”, there is no hustle and bustle of towns and constant noises polluting the areas. For more information about this land you can find it here.

For those with deeper pockets and bigger budgets, there is this 100 acre plot of land located in Southern Ontario for just under $60,000,00, just a one hours drive from the nearest town, Huntsville. The trees are good solid pine, maple and oak which would make a fantastic log cabin upon clearing and felling trees to make room. The land also has fantastic soil which would make great gardens for growing your own food supply, nearby is also great game such as deer, moose and bear. There are thousands of acres of Crown land to go hunting, fishing and walking in.

For an inexpensive way of life I would truly recommend looking into this, taking the plunge is no easy feat and would need full dedication. Once completed and built upon, it could make for a fantastic home for generations to come.